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The Visual Strategy Coke, Disney, And Other Top Brands Use On Social Media

The Visual Strategy Coke, Disney, And Other Top Brands Use On Social Media

Think about today’s biggest brands. What do you visualize?

You most likely think about their iconic colors or logos. For Disney, you probably think of Mickey Mouse and that iconic cursive logo. For Goodyear, you might think of the blimp we all know and love. What about UPS? The fleet of brown trucks and their golden shield strikes a chord, doesn’t it?

Iconic imagery and branding are essential for the life of a company. That’s why when there is a rebranding project, it’s such a massive undertaking for big businesses. It’s important to have a well-strategized and consistent look everywhere you are seen. With that in mind, it’s obvious that social media should be an extension of your pre-existing brand.

NBC, Coke, Marvel Comics, and other top brands don’t change their look on social media just because it’s on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Quite the opposite. They expand upon what people remember. They create consistent imagery while using the same colors, logos, tone, verbiage, message, mission, and more.

What if you’re just starting out and don’t have iconic visuals like a company such as Apple or Nike? First, you need to decide your intended audience and what colors and message appeal to them. Are you geared towards females? Maybe Millennials? What is their income? What do they value? Your answers should change your approach to design. You first have to take a serious and objective look at your brand and figure out who you are.

Finally, look at your competitors’ social media pages and see how those in your industry approach visuals. You will find that many companies from the same industry use similar colors or imagery for a variety of reasons, primarily demographics and work elements.

This goes beyond your profile image and cover image. When you are creating pictures, video, and other forms of visuals for your social media updates, you should stick with the same color and feel. This should go as far as the color of your wording on your coupons!

Your branding should be a lean, mean, and unified machine. Don’t make anything that doesn’t match the rest of your brand. The top brand like Coke and Disney already know this benefit from it!

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