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Social Media Writer’s Block? Try These 20 Inspirational Post Prompts


Many writers know the pain that comes with a blank page. Social media writers aren’t any better. Whenever that update field is blank, or there are still 140 characters remaining for a tweet, there’s a gut-twisting feeling.

Sometimes, marketers need a little push in the right direction. Well, consider this a shove. These 20 post prompts are helpful tools that will get your marketing mind moving!

1. Host a Q & A Session.

2. Explain why customers go to YOU and not THEM.

3. What is your “bread and butter” product?

4. What is your NEW product?

5. Incorporate a lesser-known holiday into your brand. (Trust us, every single day is a holiday, you just need to research.)

6. What did you do this time last year?

7. Host a flash sale.

8. Host a contest.

9. Offer free advice.

10. Incorporate a current event or trending topic.

11. Provide a snippet of the company’s history.

12. Promote a real life event hosted by your company or partner.

13. Provide preventative or helpful tips.

14. Showcase a new employee.

15. What will the upcoming season bring to your company?

16. Describe your company’s ethics.

17. Post something light-hearted / entertaining. (As long as it’s in good taste.)

18. Share news related to your industry.

19. Share your company’s support for a charity or cause.

20. Share a success story of a satisfied customer / client.

Did that get your brain spinning? The best part of social media marketing is the diversity the form allows. It’s so great to be able to share a wide variety of content with your following. Try a few of these prompts and the rest of your strategy will come along quickly.

What type of content has worked best for your company? Comment below!

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The 4 Facebook Ads Your Page Needs


Businesses of various sizes, industries, and locations are flocking to Facebook! Entrepreneurs and professionals realize that their target customer base is just a few clicks away. How are they promoting themselves? Facebook advertising!

When one thinks of online advertising, those pesky pop-ups come to mind. Facebook advertisements are more subtle, engaging, and effective.  To make things even better, there are multiple types of ads. Here are the four categories that you can benefit from right away:

Boosted posts. Sometimes, you have a post that hits the spot. If you see a piece of content that’s receiving decent engagement, boost it! It will expand its reach to as broad or narrow as you like, stirring up new connections and conversations.

Page likes. Do you need more likes on your page? There’s an ad for that! Likes are an essential element of Facebook marketing. These ads will raise your numbers quickly.

Event awareness. Many companies use Facebook to promote their events and functions. Get those RSVPs back quicker than ever with Facebook ads.

Website traffic. For many companies, their websites are driving forces of business and marketing. Your Facebook and website can – and should- work together to reap the rewards of the internet.

Unsure of which ad is best for your business? Let us help! We manage hundreds of Facebook pages and advertisement campaigns for clients, and they are blown away at their results!

Contact us today to see how your business can rock Facebook marketing!

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The 5 Types Of Posts Your Social Media Needs!


There’s nothing more terrifying to a writer than a blank document. That flashing cursor staring back at you… it gives you shivers! The same goes for social media marketers as well. At times, inspiration just won’t come, and you have to get those posts out there! The business is counting on you, after all. There are plenty of ways to brainstorm, but sometimes it can do wonders to go back to basics. We do not mean you have to start a brand new Facebook or Twitter account, but rather examining the fundamentals of social media marketing. One of the most important questions someone in this industry has to ask is “What kind of posts should I write?”

While there are millions upon millions of posts out there, most of them can fall into 5 overarching categories. As you progress through the world of social media, you may find yourself doing the very important task of laying out an outline of posts that you want to write. It is crucial to add variety to your social media content and as such, you will want to learn the following “areas” social media can cover:


  • Articles- If you spend more than five minutes on any of the social sites, you will run into one of these popular posts. “Articles” is a broad term, of course. Whether the content covers a news piece, a recipe, tips to accomplish a certain task, or a piece of history, articles are without a doubt the most common types of content out there on the internet.
  • Promotional- As a marketer for a company, you may find yourself being tempted to use promotional posts more often than others. While sales-oriented content can be effective, you do not want to oversaturate your followers with promotions. It is common to see a company crash and burn online because all they want to do is sell as opposed to connecting to the community. That being said, sales posts do have a place in your overall content mix. If shared in moderation and written with subtleness, sales posts could work.
  • Events- Whether it is Christmas Day or your company’s annual picnic, posting about an event or utilizing your preferred platform’s invitation tools can attract a lot of attention to your page.
  • Entertainment- While we primarily use social media for business purposes, many people head over to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others for entertainment. Join in the fun! Just because you have a business page doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t post fun and interesting posts every now and again. Providing some interesting and enjoyable content is a part of the job!
  • Native- Above all else, native–or original content– is pure gold. Whether they are photos, videos, graphics, text, or events, they are valuable. Of course, visuals are more eye-catching than text-only posts so be sure to create your own graphics, logos, flyers, and more whenever possible.

Depending on the week you are writing for, content should be ordered in a unique and inventive way. No two articles, promos, or events should be right next to each other on your content timeline. These posts are the bread and butter of your campaign so you will need to spend time on them.

Which of these posts do you find the most effective? Share below!

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