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5 Ways Hotels and Resorts Can Be Stars At Social Media Media Marketing



Hotel marketers have a tough job to do. Well, they had a harder job before social media marketing came. Now, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow marketers to spread the word about their little chunk of paradise in one of the most popular and effective ways possible.

To stand out above the rest, hotels, resorts, condo rentals, motels, and B&Bs should consider the following types of content:

Go Image CRAZY! Hotels depend on imagery for marketing. After all, no one wants to be unpleasantly surprised when they check in and see a completely different enviorment than what they were promised. Show off every amenity your hotel offers whether it be pools, family activities, restaurants, etc. For hotels, the more images, the better. This is why Instagram is so valuable for this industry.

Local Events. Your location is a valuable asset. Showcase and promote local festivals, landmarks, and nature. No matter where you’re located, be proud of it and show it off!

Sales. Every hotel has a busy season depending on location and events. Make sure your potential guests choose YOU! Promote discounts on rooms and amenities with moderation. Of course, you should also incorporate advertising into your promotions…

Advertising. Keeping your fans engaged with your hotel’s brand is important. But your business is all about bringing in new guests. The best way to do that is advertising via social media. You can hone in on your target demographic in a multitude of ways depending on your platform.

Consistency. Social media is fast-paced and as such, you want to make sure you stay in the forefront of your fans’ minds. Post quality updates and often. Make them feel like they never checked out!

Special Efforts. Is there a wedding at your hotel? A conference? A renowned guest? Make them feel especially welcomed by publishing content all about them!

Is your team too busy to deal with extensive social media marketing? Contact us! We have experience in making hotels and resorts reach out to a new range of guests they wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

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