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Pinterest Gets Serious


Let’s face it. When you think about the business side of social media, Pinterest isn’t really your first thought. Now, if you’re looking for an awesome recipe or cake topper, this is your site. However, it really can help expand your brand if implemented correctly. With its new update, the social media platform will be able to help businesses even more so. looks into this new social media news. Pinterest is now offering video advertisement for business users. While this may irk the average user, it will definitely help marketing efforts. With smartphone screens getting wider and larger, video is becoming more popular on all social media fronts. Snapchat’s incarnation and success is proof of this with Periscope and Facebook Live quickly following. This will open up new avenues for Pinterest’s versatility.

We’ve seen the potential Pinterest has on multiple fronts, and social media marketers should appreciate its reachability. We joke around saying it is more for arts and crafts than actual marketing, but the website can be really useful. We like just how”list centric” Pinterest is.  Your content and products will be categorized by your customers. This allows its users the opportunity to search for things that pertain to their interests in a constantly growing stream of content.

No surprise, Millennials have flocked to Pinterest, It assists them in event planning, brainstorming, and overall connectivity to a larger world. Pinterest allows businesses and users alike to create boards of images that open up the floor to product showcasing. Like Instagram, Pinterest focuses on imagery. It can create a sort of “catalog” format so you can see multiple images at one time. This social media platform is a little more strict with how businesses use their allotted space. It can be beneficial to read their branding guidelines. Pinterest can stand tall as a social media platform along side Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Ready to start pinning?

For more information, check out’s article here:

What are your thoughts on Pinterest’s video ad move? Let us know!

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Free Bird: Twitter Changes the Rules


Twitter allows many forms of communication and often times opens up a whole new world for its users. Many of us couldn’t go a day without expressing ourselves on the intuitive platform. However, it doesn’t allow you to write a long-winded novel of a post. For the most part, this is a great thing. Unless you just wrote an amazing post, utilizing all 140 characters, and then your heart drops when you forgot to add a link. Changing a whole post in order to conform to Twitter’s limits can make a writer go back to the drawing board. Even with Hootsuite, Google, and Twitter itself shortening links to 23 characters, that 140 character limit can be a real hassle at times. Well, chirping Twitter seems to be allowing for some longer bird calls with their new update, which will no longer count images and links as part of that 140.

For the most part, it seems to be a great idea. As with most things in life, people tend to take advantage of a little leeway. It’ll be interesting to see how Twitter stops that from muddying up their currently clean and sleek layout.

According to an article from Bloomberg, this update can be implemented as quickly as the next few weeks. CEO Jack Dorsey says they’re trying to give users more flexibility on the site. This is certainly a positive step forward, adapting to the times when people can literally write a book on their smartphone of choice, as opposed to the early 2000’s when we were confined to 140 character texts with the assistance of T-9. Those were dark, dark days, but things are looking up in the technological and social media frontiers everyday. Businesses will benefit from this because now they’ll have even more room to express a message to their followers and attract potential clients and customers.

For more information, check out Bloomberg’s article here:

Do you think this update will do some good? Let us know your thoughts!

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LinkedIn: 10 Steps to Creating an Impressive and Engaging Professional Profile


Would you consider your professional profile maximized on LinkedIn?

If you hesitated, then the odds are that there may be some room for improvement.

When it comes to having a fully maximized profile on LinkedIn, there are many areas where your focused improvements can really make a difference.  I’ve spoken to countless people who were firm believers that their LinkedIn profiles were built to deliver results.

And then I took a look through them. Let’s just say their profiles left a lot to be desired.

By just signing up for a LinkedIn account, copying your resume points, and adding a picture – you are not putting your best foot forward. In order to create a profile built for success, you need to really illustrate your value and credibility to your target audience.

How you may ask?  Here are 10 quick changes that will help take your LinkedIn profile from a starter to a winner in no time:

1. Headshot: Ok, this seems SUPER elementary – but does your picture actually look like you?  Have you ever met someone offline that doesn’t match what they actually look like?  Doesn’t really help their credibility right?  Use a shot that looks like you!

2. Keywords: Before you start working on your LinkedIn account, pull out the list of keywords that people use to find you online.  If you don’t have one of these, make sure to take the time to put it together.  Once you do, use these keywords liberally (within reason of course) through your ENTIRE LinkedIn profile.

3. Your Professional Headline: Underneath your name you have the ability to create a wonderful and engaging headline for yourself….so why not.  For example here’s mine, “CEO of The Go! Agency, Founder of The Social Marketing Academy, Author of “The Go Method.” You can do the same. Use this real estate to your advantage.

4. Location: Make sure that the location that is mentioned in your profile is most suitable to where you do business.  So if I was based in Orlando but did 100% of my business in Tampa – I might consider using Tampa as my location.  Also, if you have moved and never updated this, it is a big no-no.  This is another way people find you on LinkedIn!

5. Add Some Posts: You can easily add some Posts from the homepage of LinkedIn.  These will show up directly underneath your Professional Profile header and will allow you to illustrate your expertise to a wide network of possible customers/clients.

6. Summary: Does your summary sound like you?  Is it in first person?  These are things that I strongly suggest.  If I wrote my summary in such a way that I said “Christopher Tompkins is the CEO of The Go! Agency” versus “I am the CEO of The Go! Agency”….you can see the difference.  You want people to engage with you – so don’t sound like a company bio from a corporate website, add a personal touch.

7. Add Files to Summary: Make your profile come alive by adding pdfs, links, and much more to your website.  This way you can showcase your work in a whole new fashion.  Well worth the time and will really look impressive to those who use your profile.

8. Bring Your Experience to Life Visually: There is nothing better than seeing visuals attached to the company that you have worked in. And LinkedIn wants to empower you to do this!  So you can add Documents, Photos, Links, Videos, and Presentations to your experience to really shine!

9. Testimonials: If you are not getting testimonials to add to your experience you are missing out on POWERFUL third-party endorsements that will really make you look like the expert you are.  Don’t hesitate to ask and follow up on these.

10. Fill in Everything: I know, I know – there are a lot of sections that may not pertain to you.  But fill in every section until it is either maxed out, or it ABSOLUTELY does not apply to you.  Think outside of the box – you might just be able to fill out more sections than you had originally thought!

My best tip I have left until last … DON’T NEGLECT.  And by this I mean, don’t complete your profile once and then never go back again.  There are so many variables in life and these always need to be reflected in your profile.  Win an award?  Add it to your profile. New brochure? Add it to your profile. New company video? Add it to your profile. Promotion? Add it to your profile.

Start off with these tips and you will be on your way to creating a winning LinkedIn profile that gets more views!

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