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Pinterest Gets Serious

Pinterest Gets Serious

Let’s face it. When you think about the business side of social media, Pinterest isn’t really your first thought. Now, if you’re looking for an awesome recipe or cake topper, this is your site. However, it really can help expand your brand if implemented correctly. With its new update, the social media platform will be able to help businesses even more so.

Entrepreneur.com looks into this new social media news. Pinterest is now offering video advertisement for business users. While this may irk the average user, it will definitely help marketing efforts. With smartphone screens getting wider and larger, video is becoming more popular on all social media fronts. Snapchat’s incarnation and success is proof of this with Periscope and Facebook Live quickly following. This will open up new avenues for Pinterest’s versatility.

We’ve seen the potential Pinterest has on multiple fronts, and social media marketers should appreciate its reachability. We joke around saying it is more for arts and crafts than actual marketing, but the website can be really useful. We like just how”list centric” Pinterest is.  Your content and products will be categorized by your customers. This allows its users the opportunity to search for things that pertain to their interests in a constantly growing stream of content.

No surprise, Millennials have flocked to Pinterest, It assists them in event planning, brainstorming, and overall connectivity to a larger world. Pinterest allows businesses and users alike to create boards of images that open up the floor to product showcasing. Like Instagram, Pinterest focuses on imagery. It can create a sort of “catalog” format so you can see multiple images at one time. This social media platform is a little more strict with how businesses use their allotted space. It can be beneficial to read their branding guidelines. Pinterest can stand tall as a social media platform along side Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Ready to start pinning?

For more information, check out Entrepreneur.com’s article here: http://ow.ly/XY0W300puPO

What are your thoughts on Pinterest’s video ad move? Let us know!

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