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Can Your Business Rock Social Media Live Video?


Is your company ready for the video revolution? You better not miss this trend. Video, in all its various forms, has changed most Platforms. The most significant form is live streaming. Even our news streams seem to cater to this engaging content. And yes, your company can create a live video experience for your followers and customers to enjoy! Where do you even begin with all this? Here are the basics.

First of all, we have good news. You don’t have to start from scratch! The two major live video streaming services tap into your pre-existing fanbases. Twitter owns Periscope, and I think you know who owns Facebook Live. All your hard work of creating a following on these two platforms will transfer over to the world of live broadcasting.

To do live video, you will need either Periscope or Facebook. Yes, there are third-party apps, but these two are where the real audiences are. For Periscope, you will have to download a new app and login via your Twitter info. You already have Facebook Live though their main app! Tackling the logistics is easy. Here are the reasons why everyone loves live video and why your company should jump in!

Entertainment. A majority of people use social media for fun posts. You’ve already incorporated this strategy into your traditional posts (or at least you should’ve), and your live video is no different. Make sure those who star in your videos are fun, personable, and can hold an audience’ attention.

Behind the scenes. If every single company created a behind the scenes video stream, every single broadcast would be different. Show the human side of your business by demonstrating how your team makes everything happen!

Exclusive Unveilings. Many companies use live videos as a way to reveal new products. These new tools are excellent avenues to positive publicity, as well as ways to make your Facebook or Twitter followers feel like they are in on a secret.

A new level of engagement. Sure, customers will get a response through a direct message on social media, but being able to ask the people that are live streaming a question is almost like a face-to-face conversation. Imagine that!

Exclusive deals. Some companies have used this new tool as a special way to reward their loyal customers. They can provide a code for special discounts, or even freebies. It’s just a new way to pull in your community.

Live video has just begun. More and more companies are being drawn to its effectivity. Social media is evolving, as it always has. Marketers need to do just that!

Do you have questions about live video? Contact us today to see how you can become an internet movie star!

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