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Live Commerce and How We Got Here

Live Commerce and How We Got Here

The idea of shopping looks a little different these days.

You used to go to a store and try on a new pair of jeans or search high and low for that one specific sauce you need for your meal. Now, with the rise of online shopping, we don’t even need to leave our homes.

While shopping as a whole has changed in the last ten to twenty years, online shopping has surely evolved as well.

Do you remember the days when online shopping felt a bit impersonal? You’d scroll through product listings, read reviews, and hope for the best when your order arrived. It was convenient but lacked that human touch we often crave in retail experiences.

Then came social media influencers. These creators brought an interesting new twist to the online shopping scene. We started following them not just for style inspiration but also for their insights into products they loved and recommended.

At the same time, live streaming became a sensation on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

This is when marketers saw an opportunity to combine the influence of social media personalities with the immediacy of live streaming, creating what we now know as Live Commerce.

Live Commerce events are like virtual shopping parties hosted by influencers and brands. They showcase products, answer questions from viewers, and create buzz with limited-time offers.

It’s shopping with a personal touch, and consumers love it.

What makes Live Commerce special is its ability to humanize the digital shopping experience. Consumers can interact, ask for recommendations, and get a feel for products before hitting that buy button.

And the results speak for themselves. Live Commerce drives higher engagement, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction compared to traditional e-commerce methods.

It’s a win-win for both brands and shoppers.

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