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The Top 3 Marketing Tips For Targeting Millennials

The Top 3 Marketing Tips For Targeting Millennials

The generation infamously known as the Millennials is the largest and most educated group in history. That being said, many marketers find themselves going back to the drawing board to cater to these folks. Many traditional forms of marketing just aren’t working for this audience. That’s where social media comes in.

Millennials are quite varied when it comes to culture, interests, and demographics. They are typically drawn to creativity, nostalgia, and trending topics, but most importantly, they love innovation. They grew up in the 90s, and most don’t know life without a screen ready to deliver answers, connections, or entertainment.

Technology has forced brands to constantly compete to be in the limelight. In other words, Millennials were born into a world saturated in marketing. They grew up with advertising being fed to their psyche from all sides. As a result, marketing professionals need a particular approach.

Are you trying to reach out to Millennials? Then you should integrate these three strategy ideas into you social media marketing.

1. Use Instagram and use it often. Millennials like imagery, efficiency, and convenience. How do you deliver all three? Instagram. For those who have never used the popular platform, it’s all about the visuals. Captions and comments are used to add copy, links, and information, but the focus is on the picture or video. Instagram is quick, convenient, and streamlined – just what the Millennials ordered.

2. Create a unique and standalone brand.Millennials have options. Lots of them. This goes beyond the usual Coke or Pepsi, Nike or Adidas, or even Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. EVERY aspect of their life has multiple avenues, choices, options, and most importantly, brands. Successful businesses stand above the rest because they are better than the rest, but also because they offer something that others have failed to do – a good look. Make sure your company has consistent and eye-catching colors, imagery, and a logo. Make sure that there is a clear difference between your company and your competitors. Obviously, this goes beyond reaching for Millennials. Every single business, regardless of their intended audience, should have powerful and iconic visuals.

3. Make sure your reviews are fantastic.Word of mouth and peer review are important for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Obviously, a company’s marketing efforts are going to be as positive as possible and never show any negative side of a company, service, or product. However, reviews are real and raw responses to customer’s experiences. It has been proven that Millennials rely on reviews and user-generated content as a “go to” when trying to decide if a company is right for them.

Millennials truly are the “social media generation.” They grew up with it and now use it as a resource and communication tool when doing business. You need to be at the top of your game when handling social media.

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