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The Power of “Local”

The Power of “Local”

Sure, social media is about connecting to people far and wide, and you can spread your word to the other side of the planet with the right tools. However, for some businesses, your success is right in your backyard! No, we’re not talking about those squirrels running around in your garden bed, but rather your local community.

For some, this may be easier said than done. Bigger cities obviously have a larger network and reachability, where small towns may be tougher to push online marketing through. Yet there are multiple ways to use your location to your advantage, no matter what size your business is.

People usually love their hometown. Do some research to see how they announce their pride! It can be hashtags like #PAPride or #IloveNY that are relevant to your location. You can find these by using tools like Hootsuite, Tagboard, or just research Twitter and Facebook. These will be a helpful way for you to show up on the radar, and it’ll put you in a positive light.

What events are happening around you? Whether it is a festival or a sporting event, you can write some posts about it. Supporting your community by talking about local events is a big deal. Send an employee out there to take some pictures. Speaking of sporting events, if you have a local team, support them! Whether through a hashtag, mentioning the team’s profiles, or just saying “Good luck!” it’s a good idea to cheer them on. However, be careful you don’t anger some customers who root for an opposing team.

If certain things are happening that aren’t fun, cover them too. #HurricaneSeason is popular in Florida every summer. #HurricaneSandy was buzzing when that terrible event happened. If a local celebrity passes away, you can give your respects as well. Just be sure you stay involved in the community and be an active citizen.

Tapping into a local market can be a challenge but it can be very rewarding. Be sure to see what’s going on in your neighborhood today!

Do you have other ways to be a good neighbor? Let us know!

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