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5 Ways To Adapt The Big-Brand Approach On Social Media

5 Ways To Adapt The Big-Brand Approach On Social Media

One thing that made us fall in love with social media marketing is that it evens the playing field for businesses. Both big and small companies have a shot at being visible and making an impact on their audiences’ feeds. At least, that’s how it should be.

Let’s face it – some brands utilize social media marketing better than others. Some companies such as Starbucks, Adidas, and Netflix generate incredible levels of engagement with every post. Is it their pre-existing fame or is their content really that compelling? After studying this phenomenon, it’s definitely a bit of both.

There is such a thing as the “big-brand approach” on social media. Even if some of these big names miss the mark on a post, they still get a massive amount of followers thanks to their staggering online presence.

If you want to generate big brand levels of engagement, you need a big brand approach. Try these five suggestions and see where it takes your brand.

1. Make good original content.

Go on any social media account of a major brand and you will see a steady stream of original content. High-quality pictures, videos, and copy pack a powerful punch. Do not underestimate your followers – they know good content when they see it. Make sure yours stands tall on the web.

2.  Spend money to make money.

Here’s the hard truth – you are going to need to invest into some social media advertising, whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The good news is that you can quickly see its impact on engagement as promoted and advertised content has the potential to reach a large number of prospective customers.

3. Come in with an attitude.

What’s the voice of your brand? Whatever it is, keep it consistent. Wendy’s recently went viral with a sarcastic, witty, and brazen voice on Twitter which not only attracted nearly 2 million followers, it put its brand in a unique light against its several competitors.

4. Understand what the people want.

Take a step back and see what people respond to the most. Is it videos? Maybe Q&As? Maybe your audience is a sucker for memes? Whatever is your saving grace, develop it and continue to grow a following.

5. Have a soul.

While all brands have the common goal of making money and striking engagement, a bit of humanity can be more helpful than a promotional post ever could. Showcase an employee, contribute to a charity, show support for the people that make your brand great. It’s important to show the world the people then making your brand so great.

Social media is an amazing opportunity for brands to present themselves in a professional and attractive light. If you are trying to go for the gold and reach big brand levels, try these five strategies.

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