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Why Invest in Facebook Advertising?

Why Invest in Facebook Advertising?

In 2017, advertisers spent almost $300 million in Facebook ads, and I’m sure you’ve had more than a few people suggest Facebook advertising to you. But why? What makes Facebook such an appealing platform for marketers? And, more importantly, why should your business already be advertising through Facebook?

There are a number of reasons, and I’ve compiled the biggest ones to help you understand why Facebook ads are absolutely worth the investment. Let’s talk about this staple of social media marketing!

Facebook Is Kind of a Big Deal
In case you hadn’t heard, pretty much everyone is on Facebook. Your coworkers, your weird cousin, and virtually anyone else you can think of is on there. The latest numbers show that Facebook has 1.49 billion users every day. That means your target audience is definitely on there and waiting to hear from you!

Almost one and a half billion users also means that you’re definitely going to find your target audience on there. You might see that number and think, “Okay, but my local business isn’t going to be appealing to most of those people.” And while that’s true, you can set your ads to target people in your specific location with whatever identifying characteristics you want (age, gender, political views, etc.). So even if you’re only reaching out to 200 of that 1.49 billion, that’s still 200 people who are likely to love your business!

Posting Isn’t Enough
If you saw the above number and thought that your Facebook posts were already reaching those people, I’ve got some bad news for you. Most of your followers aren’t seeing your posts.

Because of recent algorithm changes, even people who have signed up to see your content aren’t going to see it on their feeds. Since Facebook is now prioritizing organic content, regular posts from your business are far less likely to actually reach your audience.

The exception? Facebook advertising. The more money you put into your content on Facebook, the more likely it’s going to be shown to your target audience! So if you’re holding out hope for getting by with just organic reach, 2019 is the time to let that dream go!

Promotion for Organic Content
Facebook ads don’t just share that specific message, either. Because more people are going to see your ads than your regular posts, you’re more likely to get shares that spread your message even further!

And yes, people do share ads on Facebook, provided they’re well-written and engaging. This way, Facebook ads are getting more people on your page in addition to the ad’s intended purpose, which will make your organic content more effective in the future!

Facebook Ads Are (Comparatively) Cheap
It may not feel like it when you’re setting up the ad, but Facebook ads are remarkably affordable. This means that small business owners have no excuse not to be using them! If you’re really strapped for cash, just set an ad budget so that your ad doesn’t go over what you can afford.

Don’t take this as an excuse to pinch pennies, though. It might feel nice to run an ad for $5, but your results are going to be much better if you put some real money into your ads. If $5 gets you 3 clicks, imagine how many more you could get with $50!

Make a Change
Just because Facebook ads are new doesn’t mean they aren’t worth starting! You know why Facebook ads are so effective and worth using, so use that knowledge to take steps forward. It’s the start of a New Year, so don’t waste time considering this marketing strategy and not acting!

It’s normal to need a little help when you get started with Facebook ads. Contact The Go! Agency and we’ll talk about your social media marketing campaign!

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