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How to Get Started With Facebook Ads

How to Get Started With Facebook Ads

We’ve established why Facebook ads are so effective, but what are you supposed to do now that you know? For someone who isn’t familiar, the Facebook ad interface can be a little confusing. That’s why I’m here!

My team and I have been using Facebook ads for years, and I want to use that expertise to help you get started. I’m going to break down the different types of Facebook ads and how you can find the right ad for your business!

1. Traffic Ads
Facebook Traffic Ads (AKA Link Click Ads) are ideal for getting people to visit your external website. You’ve got a headline, a visual, and 90 characters worth of ad copy. With these ads, you’ll want something quick and punchy that encourages people to visit your site while still adhering to your brand’s voice.

If you’ve got ways to sell your products on your website or want to get people reading more about your brand, this is a really simple, straightforward ad option to get your feet wet.

2. Boosted Posts
In the previous article, I talked about how your organic content can’t reach most of your audience. And that’s true—unless you’re boosting your posts.

Have a great piece of social media copy that you think could really get some attention if it landed in front of the right people? Boost it! You’ve already got the post out there, so why not put some money behind it and make sure people are actually seeing it?

Note: The quality and content of your post are very relevant here. Only boost posts that make sense to invest in. If you wrote a promotional post with a link to your online store, that’s probably worth boosting. If you wished your followers a happy Valentine’s Day, that probably isn’t worth sinking ad dollars into!

3. Carousel Ads
Do you have a variety of products you want to show off without creating a handful of individual ads? Carousel Ads showcase up to ten products and images/videos with links to the corresponding page on your website or digital store.

This ad style was literally made for eCommerce professionals who are looking to drive sales from their website. If that doesn’t sound like you, this is also a great way for marketers to test out multiple ad styles/images/headlines to see what pulls!

4. Instant Experience Ads
Instant Experience Ads, formerly known as Canvas ads, are mobile-only advertisements that fill the viewer’s screen. This interactive ad type gives viewers a comprehensive experience where they can swipe through multiple pages filled with your links, visuals, texts, or all of the above!

Instant Experience Ads are similar to Traffic Ads, except they’re a lot more involved (which often makes them more effective, too). There are elements of copywriting and graphic design that need to blend seamlessly here, so I’d recommend these ads for someone who’s looking to sell and has an experienced team behind them.

5. Leads Ads
If you’re focusing on growing your follower count or subscribers to your email list, leads ads could be a good fit. These advertisements let viewers sign up for your offer without ever leaving Facebook, which greatly increases your odds of getting sign ups. Don’t underestimate the value that people will put on convenience!

You’ll be able to view your new leads from your Facebook ads account, and from there you can transfer them wherever you need. I’d recommend Leads Ads to businesses that are starting to delve into email marketing or for new businesses that are starting to develop a following outside of Facebook.

Add Some Ads
Without Facebook ads, your social media marketing strategy is incomplete. There’s a big, wide, virtual world out there, so don’t miss out on it! Use this breakdown of the different Facebook ad types as a starting point for figuring out how Facebook ads can work for your business.

Still need some help setting up your Facebook ads? Schedule your free consultation with The Go! Agency!

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