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Twitter for Home Health Marketing? Absolutely!

Twitter for Home Health Marketing?  Absolutely!

For many home health agencies, Twitter continues to remain a bit of a mystery.  This fast moving medium tends to be a bit off-putting to marketers at these companies as they can find it hard to reconcile the amount of effort to the measurable results.  Is it really worth it?

If you had asked me the question a few years ago, I may have had a slightly different answer – but today your home health company MUST be represented fully on Twitter.

When I speak with a home health company about Twitter, usually the first objection I hear is that “Our audience doesn’t use Twitter.”

Let me explain why this statement is incorrect.

Think about the networking meetings that you or your staff attend.  Some may be full of other home health companies, but others may be just health-related businesses or maybe they are just other businesses in your area.  So why would you go to a networking event where no members of your target market were present?  Well, because the people that would be attending could either influence a purchase decision OR refer business to you.

This argument holds true for Twitter as well.

Having a strong and influential profile on Twitter will enable your home health agency to reach a much wider market online.  While someone who is sick in bed may not be “tweeting” with you everyday, their caregiver may.  Their loved ones might. Their caregiver’s best friends will.  And the list goes on.  Twitter helps you to create a large net where your information can reach an extended network of users who can then in turn share it with their extended network, and so on.

Aside from the influence and viral aspects of Twitter, it also helps you to stay competitive in your market place.  Let’s say for example that you are a home health company based in Boston, Massachusetts that serves the Boston and surrounding areas.  By now you should be able to know all of your direct competitors, but say that there are 10 of them out there, 7 with Twitter accounts.  You not only have the ability to look through their accounts, but you can also get exclusive access to see who is following them.  Every single one of them.

As you can imagine, this is extremely useful in terms of a competitive analysis – but also allows you an insight into who would be interested in your information.  Actually, you can invite them to follow you as well. Imagine that power!

Another reason Twitter is important for your home health care company is that it brings a cutting-edge credibility to your business.  In the business of healthcare, it is increasingly important for your company to be on top of all technological advances and trends.  You want to be viewed as offering the best home health care services for your target market, and by showcasing your company (and what sets you apart from the pack) on Twitter you are able to get this across to thousands upon thousands of people.

All in all, if you have not created a Twitter account yet for your home health care company, there is no more time to wait.  You need to get on this today.  I suggest your first step should be to do a quick look around Twitter to see what your competitors are doing and how engaged they are with their audience.  This will show you how successful you will be quickly.  For example, if you are going to be an early adopter in your market, you will be able to suck up the market share quickly.  But if your competitors have vibrant profiles that are active, it will take more time.

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