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The Top 5 Daily Habits For Social Media Marketers

The Top 5 Daily Habits For Social Media Marketers

A morning routine is something that we all enjoy and need. It seems like our bodies go into auto-pilot mode as we brush our teeth, wash our face and prepare for the day. Habit, routine, and structure make for a successful day. This is the same for social media marketing work. Yet things go a little beyond brushing teeth in the world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the other platforms.

Here are 6 habits that every marketer should have in their routine.

1. Check out your competitors. It helps to be a spy. See how your top competitors and industry influencers approach marketing. Are they offering big discounts? Is their engagement down? Did they forget a holiday? See how you’re faring and see if there is anything inspiring out there.

2. Read an industry-centric article. Even in seemingly stagnant industries, there is always something new and powerful to read. It’s always helpful to read what people are saying about your industry. This will help you learn about new updates, trends, and alerts.

3. Read a marketing-centric article. Since you’re all caught up in your competitor’s activities and industry news, you need to learn the best ways to funnel these content ideas into the best way possible for your social media audience. Should you create videos? Lists? Contests? Check out the best marketing strategies happening right now!

4. Research trends.Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Feed.ly, and Google will all help you find out what people are talking about right now. Find a way to harness today’s hot topics into your social media strategy, whether it’s a holiday, event, or movement.

5. Check scheduled posts. Smart marketers know that automation will allow them to plan and focus on other important elements of social media marketing than scheduling. That being said, you need to make sure everything is being published correctly!

Are these five habits in your work routine? It’s important to keep a careful watch on what’s happening and what’s being posted. As you continue throughout your work week, you will find that these small steps will benefit you and your efforts in big ways.

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