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The 5 Mantras Of A Social Media Marketer

The 5 Mantras Of A Social Media Marketer

Every social media marketer can agree on a few things. For one thing, there’s nothing like going on Facebook bright and early and seeing a 5-star review. Or, it’s always a great thing to go onto Twitter to see yesterday’s tweet got a ton of retweets. Sure, some of us may disagree on some issues like the posting times, the best way to use live video, or the usage of hashtags, but somethings are just golden – like the following five mantras we live and work by.

1. “Know your audience.” Your intended customer cannot be “whoever has money.” No message, rather no good message, is that broad. Understand who would benefit from using your business or buying your product. Then, write for them.

2. “Do not fight change.” Social media marketing is organic. It changes with the wishes of the people. That’s why smart marketers constantly tweak their strategy and approach.

3. “Do not be an island.” Customer communication is vital to social media marketing success. Do not just send out content without being involved in the community, responding to messages, addressing complaints, and never reciprocating following.

4. “Never let a day of silence go by.” Post every day. Make sure there is a constant fresh supply of messages going out to your followers. Now, you don’t need to be online 7 days a week. Luckily there are plenty of scheduling tools available.

5. “Maintain a balance of text and visuals.” For every update, regardless of platform, there should be a body of text and a visual tool, whether an image, video, or GIF.

If you abide by these 5 rules, your social media marketing strategy will be better for it. The best social media marketers understand that this type of marketing requires a different type of approach. Make sure you have a professional on your side!

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