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Are LinkedIn Groups the Missing Piece of Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

With over 225 million users, my guess is that if you are reading this right now, you are probably have a registered profile on LinkedIn.  You have already filled in your details and maybe even registered your company. You have been building your connections and networking, but still haven’t found the key to open the door of opportunity for your business on LinkedIn.

But with between 1 and 800,000 members – are us using LinkedIn Groups?

As I say with social media marketing campaigns, the key is to have a blog on your website.  The key with LinkedIn success is being actively involved in LinkedIn groups.  Simple as that.

If you have seen LinkedIn groups, joined a few and still not sure what the fuss is about, here are my 5 tips to making a lasting impression, building hits to your website and increasing your visibility with one of the most active markets on LinkedIn.

1.  Use Keywords to Find the Right Group.  Once again, I’m bringing up the power of keywords.  Take your keyword list that you use online to target your consumers and do a “Group Search” on LinkedIn.  Take a look at the results and choose the “Very Active” groups with higher group member numbers.  This will ensure that you are in a fast moving group that is influential and, well, active.  There is nothing worse than being in a group of 1,000 members where no one is talking or engaging.

2.  Start Discussions that Link to Your Blogs.  If you have a blog on your website, share a sample of the blog as a discussion and link to your blog to read the rest of the article.  Make sure that the article is relevant to the group, is not overtly promotional and has value.  If you are starting a discussion in a highly active group that is about your latest sale or product promotion, get ready for some backlash.

3.  Comment, Like and Share.  This is “social” media after all.  Make sure that you find articles where you can express YOUR expertise and comment.  By commenting, liking or sharing a discussion with your LinkedIn connections you will be getting in front of more people than you can imagine.

4. Use the Group Email Updates.  When you join a group, the default setting is to get a Daily Group Digest.  When you post a new discussion or comment on an existing discussion, you have the option to click “Send me an email for each new comment”.  The wonderful aspect of LinkedIn is that you can follow and respond via your email inbox.  This will save time when you don’t want to constant login and logout and then search for the discussion when it gets active or a new topic pops up you want to jump into.

5. Follow Influential Group Members.  By clicking on the “Members” tabs within a group you are a member of, you will be able to see “This Week’s Top Influencers”.  See who they are and click “Follow” to receive their updates.  Watch which topics they post, comment on them, message them privately.  Getting in front of influencers will help you gain support while also increasing your visibility.

The capabilities of LinkedIn groups don’t stop there, but it is where we will stop today.  By using the above, you can take your LinkedIn marketing to the next level and generate more interest in your company, visibility for your profile and hits to your website.  Join our LinkedIn group, The Go! Healthcare Marketing Insider by clicking here!

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