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5 Reasons Why You Need to Be Blogging

Ok, I admit it.  I really enjoy blogs and blogging.  I love diving into the information, perspective and then sharing what I have learned and enjoyed with my friends.  Hey…I am writing this to you on our blog after all!

Although I am passionate about blogging, many marketers out there are still not clear as to what the benefits a business can reap from blogging.  Aside from building a following and strengthening relationships, here are the top 5 reasons why you need a blog and need to get blogging:

1. A Blog Positions You as an Expert:

When you consistently write and share your professional insight, you will be positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry, which brings instant credibility to you and your business.

2. They are Key Relationship Builders:

The copy written in your blog will not be “call to action” oriented and be loaded with salesly verbiage. Blog posts are focused on valuable information that you are sharing to answer questions, solve problems, educate and entertain. This allows you to build a human and honest relationship with the people who read your posts (and some of these will no doubt be prospective or current customers!). Blogs allow your customers’ to comment and start discussions, ask you questions and open the door for further straightforward communication.

3. SEO Goldmine:

Not only are blogs updated regularly, but they tend to be linked to other sites as well as having many inbound links (which result from your social media marketing campaign). Since your blog is updated often, search engines such as Google will be a fan of your site and as a result rank it higher.  Also, if you incorporate this into your social media strategy, it can become a viral sensation!

4. Instant Marketing Research:

Blogs, like many other social media tools, allow you to start conversations where you can find out what your prospective consumers are interested in. Try out new ideas, ask their opinions and feedback….and don’t hesitate to ask them to do a quick survey. The result is instant feedback that is easy to use and plug instantly into your marketing and development strategy.

5. PR! PR! PR!

What better way to enhance your online credibility and trust factor than having an online porthole to your thoughts, expertise and caring disposition?  Also, once you get a loyal following, the media will take interest and read what you say. Which in the traditional public relations world is no small feat! If you simply send a journalist a press release they may never see it… they can receive thousands of per day!

And that is just the beginning! There are numerous benefits to having a blog AND consistently blogging.  My top tip to get started is to first identify at least 5 blogs related to your industry and begin following them.  Once you get a feel for how these sites are using blogs to reach their target market, you can throw your hat in the ring.

Of course, if you need help with any of this – give us a shout!

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