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13 Daily Duties Of Social Media Marketers

13 Daily Duties Of Social Media Marketers
When you’re working on the internet every day as social media marketers do, you need two essential qualities – the ability to focus and capacity to multitask. Focus is required so we can execute our intricate, multi-faceted jobs without a hitch, despite distractions. After all, we’re dealing with the internet, and funny videos and news stories are all around to slow down progress. You need multitasking because of all the steps needed to have a successful day of online networking. Every account needs daily attention. However, marketers who aren’t internet-savvy may be unaware of everything that needs to be done. Here are thirteen tasks that should be on any marketer’s to-do list:
  1. Address any critical issues outstanding on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. as soon as possible.
  2. Reply to all comments, mentions, emails, shares, complaints etc.
  3. Accept connections and friend requests. Follow back when applicable.
  4. Make sure your scheduled posts were published successfully.
  5. Check what’s trending and utilize these topics in fresh content while conforming it to your brand.
  6.  Begin writing next week’s content.
  7. Add a healthy variety to your writing plan. Keep it alive and exciting!
  8. Create long forms or blogs that reflect your knowledge of the industry.
  9. Retweet, Quote Tweet, share, and comment multiple times a day.
  10. Analyse previously-published posts and their engagement rates.
  11. Study the activity of your boosted posts, advertisements, and your overall budgets.
  12. Adhere to your strategy, but be flexible to what your audience demands.
  13.  Don’t forget to add a healthy dose of fun to your marketing!
These are just a few of many responsibilities social media managers and marketers need to accomplish on a daily basis. Even when you clock out, things are compiling and ready for you when the next day begins. Having a hard time juggling all this? Let us help!
What other responsibility can you think of? Comment below!

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