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The 5 Essential Pieces Of A Perfect Social Media Post

The 5 Essential Pieces Of A Perfect Social Media Post

Have you ever assembled a piece of furniture? You know when there’s something missing, don’t you? Whether it’s a leg or knob or slab of wood, it’s pretty obvious when things aren’t as they should be. Social media updates are the same. You need certain aspects integrated into the anatomy of the post to make things right. Without them, you will most definitely notice something wrong, even if you can’t pinpoint it. Here are the essential pieces of a perfect social media post:

1. Copy – Obviously, the main skeleton of a social media update is the text-based message. Make sure your writing is professional, snappy, unique, and as “to the point” as possible.

2. Links – Your update should prompt the reader to go deeper, learn more, and ultimately engage with the content. Links should guide your readers to the next natural step and bring them more information and details about your brand’s message.

3. Hashtags – Depending on the platform you’re using, a hashtag is an essential cog in the “social media machine.” Add “#” to a keyword or phrase to help improve search results. #Automotive is ideal for auto repair shops, or #NewYork for those based in the Big Apple. Additionally, you will notice that certain trends pop up via the hashtag tool such as #ManicMondays, #ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) or #QOTD (Quote Of The Day). It’s important to note that Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the best sites to use this tool on. Others either rarely use them or are not compatible.

4. Tagging- Tagging people or pages is an excellent way to grab their attention. For example, you could add @thegoagency to your tweet, and we would get notified that you’re either talking to us or about us.

5. Imagery – Last but certainly not least, visuals are needed as the final “cherry on top” for social media. Pictures, videos, and GIFs will make the ADD-stricken masses pay closer attention to your updates.

You might not need an instruction manual to make a social media marketing post, but you certainly need to pay attention and focus on the message that you’re trying to convey. If one of these pieces are missing, it will most definitely be noticeable not necessarily in the way the update looks, but rather how it performs.

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