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Social Media: New First Impressions For Businesses

Social Media: New First Impressions For Businesses

Ah, the pre-social media days…when someone’s first interaction with a business was either asking a friend about their experience or simply using their services or products for themselves. Remember when online reviews were not immediately accessible and you didn’t know what a place of business looked like until you pulled up to it? You even might have had to try out a company on faith alone! Well, social media has changed all that.

It’s a lot harder to pull the wool over consumers’ eyes these days, and that’s great for both customers and honest businesses. A company’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other profiles are representations of its work, customer relations, and good standing within the community.

Customers can share real and honest reviews and add pictures or videos of them using products and services that the business offers. For marketing professionals, this user-generated content is gold. It shows that a free-thinking and unsolicited individual took the time to share their experience with the public. While the thought of people talking about your business online can be daunting, realize that online engagement is that pathway to new eyes, new fans, and more sales.

Beyond customer relations and reviews, social media is the perfect avenue for logistics. The “where, when, why, how, etc.” should all be answered by visiting someone’s Facebook page. A complete and properly executed account has open hours, address, phone number, mission statement, website link, and so much more.

Your posts should also showcase the best of your business. Amongst other posts like news stories, inspirational quotes, and more, you should show off what customers should expect when they use your business. Whether you run a bakery or an investment firm, there’s a place to brag on social media. Most importantly, show the real deal! When clients stop by our office for consulting, training, or classes, they say “wow, it’s just like the pictures on social media!” That’s because we’re proud of our work, and show it in the most accurate light possible. Leave the customer unsurprised (in a good way) when they finally decide to do business with you. 

So, what happens if you choose to forget the whole thing and say social media isn’t for you? First of all, it isn’t going to stop anyone from talking about your brand. You’ll never know what people are saying (even though everyone else will), but most importantly, you won’t be able to respond and offer the professional convenience that comes with online visibility. Additionally, it will be your business seem amateurish and “out of the loop.” It’s a bit of a “head in the sand approach,” right? Just because you refuse to participate in the fastest growing trend in business today doesn’t mean others are. People will be annoyed when they see you’re not anywhere to be found on social media. Trust me, we’ve seen the lack of an online presence become a deal breaker for some companies.

When today’s billions of social media users are in need of a product or service, they use the same sites they use to communicate with their friends and family to discover the best-rated and most prominent companies. Don’t miss out on your chance to stand tall online!

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