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3 Strategies For Dealing With Client ‘Surprises’

3 Strategies For Dealing With Client ‘Surprises’

Picture this: You onboard a new client, the contract is signed, the deliverables have been negotiated and you think you’ve given yourself and your team a fair amount of lead time on producing their content. Then, all of a sudden, a surprise element takes place — a trade show, book deal, a spot on a morning show — and the client suddenly needs their content yesterday. How many times have you been in this scenario?

Surprises happen so often in the marketing world that they shouldn’t surprise you anymore. Clients want the most for their money, but giving them everything they want in this regard may not be the best path forward for the campaign or your professional relationship.

This article originally appeared on Forbes.com, on August 4, 2021. Read the rest of the article here.


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