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How to Create Your Own Custom LinkedIn Group

When you are marketing your business (or yourself) on LinkedIn, there are numerous outlets for you to utilize: your profile, your updates, your connections and your groups to name a few.

I’ve written before about the power of LinkedIn Groups to enhance your credibility and visibility on LinkedIn.  They truly are powerhouses for not only getting hits to your website, but also for you to directly connect with influential people and potential customers.

But you don’t have to simply join someone else’s group – you can start your own!

If you have opened and completed your LinkedIn profile, you have the ability to create your own membership group, branded to your niche with you in the driver’s seat.

Where do you start and how do you do it?

Here are some straight-forward tips on how to create the perfect LinkedIn Group for your business, quickly and efficiently:

1. Your Group and Your Purpose.  You should create your LinkedIn Group around the subject matter of your business and topics your target consumer would be interested in.  For example, we have The Go! Healthcare Marketing Insider (you can join here).  One of the sectors we service at The Go! Agency is the healthcare market.  So we created the group to interest healthcare organizations by sharing discussions related directly to using marketing to build their business online.

2.  Create a Name and Logo.  All LinkedIn Groups have a name and logo, so you will need to create one.  There are many free logo services available, just Google them.  Make sure your logo has the same look and feel as your company logo and the Group name reflects both your company and the Group itself.  Make sure not to use your own company name as the name of the Group  as it will confuse people.  They may think this a company related membership Group?

3.  Register Your Group.  Go into LinkedIn and click on the Groups tab.  On the next screen you will see a link to “Create a Group”.  Click on this and fill out the form supplied.   Make sure to fill it in completely and use as many keywords as you can.  This will enable you to be found when someone is searching for a group with your subject matter.

4.  Post Discussions.  To get the ball rolling, post three or four discussions.  Get your other co-workers to start a few as well.  The more content that you add to your Group   initially will enhance the amount of conversion once you begin to invite people to join.

5.  Start Inviting!  When you click on your Group, click next on the “Manage” tab.  On the left hand side you will see “Send Invitations”.  This will enable you to send invitations in batches to your LinkedIn connections.  Want to promote via Facebook, Twitter or the main LinkedIn feed?  Click the “Share” button on the top right of your group at any time.

And you are off!  Now you have your own LinkedIn membership Group which will enable you to market in many new ways.  In the next post I’ll explain how you can effectively market and manage your group for the best results possible!

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