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Social Media Success Isn’t About Luck, It’s About Expertise

Social Media Success Isn’t About Luck, It’s About Expertise
You don’t need a four-leaf clover or a lucky rabbit’s foot to do well on social media. What makes a good social media marketing strategy? Expertise and skill.As social media marketers, we have seen the online landscape shift drastically on a regular basis thanks to new algorithms, rules, regulations, and formulas. You can’t just send out a couple posts and wish for engagement. Unfortunately, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Some people have said that social media success has no rhyme or reason to it. To the untrained eye, it may certainly look that way. You can create a compelling post, and it will do amazing and then send something similar out the next week and get nothing. That isn’t just bad luck or randomness – you missed something. It may have been the timing, the audience, content itself, or it could be that you’ve saturated the market with that kind of content.

How can you fine tune your strategy? You better be ready to get technical.

There are many components to a social media update’s success. If even the smallest thing is off, things may not work as you plan. Be sure to consider the following when writing, designing, and scheduling.

– When is the best time to publish?

– When was the last time I shared a post similar to this? 

– What imagery do I have to compliment the copy? 

– Is the message strong and compelling?

– Does this message match my branding? 

– Does this content appeal to my ideal customer? 

These are some of many questions we have to ask ourselves when we create marketing content for our clients. We have to strike a balance of creativity and well-formulated tactics in order to achieve brand awareness.

How do we figure out what works and what doesn’t? Reporting, and a lot of it! There are many ways we analyze a post’s performance. How many people like, shared, or commented? What was the reach? Did anyone click the link and delve into the company’s website? ALL of this matters.

After we figure out what needs improvement, we update our creative strategy. Maybe they need a sale to punch things up or perhaps they need more images to get people talking. No matter what is necessary, we handle it!

As you can see, social media for business is quite a bit different than when we’re using it to look at friends’ photos. 50 million businesses use Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, so they are seen as industry influencers and active in their communities. You need a constant stream of well-planned content, so you’re in the forefront of your customer’s mind, study, and get ready to do it again!

It’s time your brand takes social media marketing seriously. Contact us today to have the pros work for you!

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