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Social Media Maintenance…Are You Maintaining?

Social Media Maintenance…Are You Maintaining?

Life changes drastically, even more so when you run a business. Policies, employees, branding, and pricing can change so quickly, it can hard to keep up. Sometimes, some marketing becomes a little outdated. Unfortunately, the internet is pretty unforgiving when it comes to obsolete or old information, and the social media landscape could be the worse. Small Business Trends has a great list that can help people and companies alike keep their accounts tidy and efficient:

Go through your profiles and make sure that every piece of information is up to date. LinkedIn is one of the more important websites to keep recent, seeing as how portfolios, resumes, and employee information is prevalent. You don’t want an employee who left three years ago to still be one of the forefronts of your social media profiles. This also is applicable to photo albums. Make sure what is in the photo, whether it be products or pictures of employees, is an accurate depiction of today.

While you want as many followers as possible, dead profiles are not exactly the best thing and neither is spam, which can fill your news feed with irrelevant advertisements. Make sure that the people you interact with are active and beneficial.

As a business, it’s important to see what people perceive your brand as. The online frontier is not a place for bashfulness and if people have a problem with your company, there’s a good chance they’re making it known. Google yourself, or search for your brand to see what people are saying or what they’re connecting your brand with. Sometimes you’ll be happily surprised, other times you’ll be a bit upset, especially is an unsatisfied customer made their way to a keyboard. There’s only so much you can do about negative talk online, unless its really offensive or harmful, but you can try you best to get customers to have positive reviews to outweigh the bad.

Of course, security is always important. Make sure you change your passwords often. Make sure they’re different from one another, and make sure they’re unique. A helpful tool some tech gurus use is to replace numbers for similar letters, like 3’s for E’s or 1’s for I’s. It might seem unnecessary, but it  can help significantly strengthen your password. Be sure to keep track of all your different passwords. There are tons of various ways to do this, from simply keeping a password-protected PDF on your desktop, to using a nifty app. Just make sure you don’t lose the list!

As important social media can be to your enterprise, it’s just as important to perform so regular maintenance on your profiles. It will keep things fresh, current, and perhaps most importantly, secure.

Small Business Trends sheds more light on some great social media tips here: http://ow.ly/10AvmS

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