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How Sharable Is Your Social Media Content?

How Sharable Is Your Social Media Content?

 Ok, we have to apologize for something. You CANNOT post funny cat videos on your business page and reap the rewards of people laughing all day. Someday, you’re going to have to add some deeper content.

Even though viral videos, movie trailers, and everything pop culture related always strike a chord with audiences, you will be surprised to learn that serious topics are more “shareable” than anything else.

In 2016, some of the most shared content was political (no surprise there thanks to the Presidential Election) and medical science based news. This is actually great news for clients who work in fact-based industries. In fact, this is so surprising that it’s one of the reasons why some people don’t jump on board with social media. “Who wants to hear about anesthesia on social media?” We once heard. The answer? A lot of people!

Social media isn’t just for fun, even though a lot of people use it for entertainment. It has become one of the biggest avenues for news articles. Every industry has a place on social media. Everyone.

Recently, Facebook has given priority to news articles that are uploaded through their “instant articles” feature. It helps users have INSTANT access to the information because the text actually is already on Facebook. So, just because a news article isn’t the funniest or most entertaining thing in the world, it may just be the most enlightening or educational.

So, the next time the thought “Nobody wants to read this on social media” comes across your mind, you can forget about it. With millions of people logging in every day to check out the latest content, countless people will enjoy what you have to say!

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