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5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Works

5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Works
Social media marketing takes time, effort, and well-developed strategy. Over 50 million businesses found a home on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the other platforms. Social media now controls a large portion of internet activity and rightfully so.

With 2 billion people on Facebook alone, it’s safe to say there’s something to this whole internet marketing thing. Do you need further proof? Check out these reasons you need to jump on board TODAY:

  • It keeps a brand in customers’ sights. Social media users have fully integrated visiting their favorite platforms and pages into their everyday lives. The primary purpose of marketing is to have your message positioned where your audience congregates. It was the same when we put ads in magazines and commercials into prime time television shows. Now, marketers need to be on their computers, smartphones, and tablet screens via social media marketing. Seeing as how this is where people spend most of their time, it’s fair to say that it’s a good strategy.
  • It keeps a brand active against the competition. If you haven’t begun using social media yet, you can be sure your competition has. Do yourself a favor and check out what businesses are already benefiting from engagement and a strong online presence. After you’re done saying “They’re on there too?!,” You should probably sign up.
  • It keeps brands honest. The internet is full of wild lies and rumors, but social media gives a voice to the people. User-generated content, ratings, comments, tagging and other features allow customers and clients to speak their thoughts. As scary as this sounds this is good news for brands. Even negative comments give your business a time to shine by utilizing professional damage control methods.
  • It keeps a brand involved in the community. Because of just how popular social media has become, you need to show that you care about your customer base by participating. You can do this by delivering engaging posts via the avenue of communication your audience prefers. In essence, it is the same as community outreach which, as all professionals know, is amazing for PR.
  • It keeps a brand relevant. Social media has become so much more than “connecting with friends.” Many people now use these platforms to network and promote themselves, but also to learn about their industry.  Opinion leaders post articles and news stories that are relevant to their work every day.
What can social media do for your brand? Contact us today and find out!  Comment below!

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