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The Top Mistakes That Kill LinkedIn Accounts

The Top Mistakes That Kill LinkedIn Accounts

Social media marketing isn’t simple. Wait, let me rephrase that. GOOD social media marketing isn’t simple. It’s easy to click “Sign Up” and send a tidal wave of garbage out to the cyber masses. But to be truly effective, you need to think and realize where exactly you’re posting. The phrase “When in Rome do as the Romans do” applies in a big way online. LinkedIn is perhaps the platform with the most etiquette to abide by. Are you acting appropriately on the social media site for professionals? If you’re doing one of the following, you definitely aren’t.

1. Thinking LinkedIn is Facebook. Sure, we all love memes, cat videos, and long-winded rants about personal opinions. But LinkedIn isn’t the place for that. Keep all the “personal-type content” on Facebook and Instagram.

2. Inappropriate or absent profile picture. Do yourself a favor and remember this mantra – “Selfies are not for LinkedIn!” I can’t tell you how many people use blurry, revealing, or simply unprofessional profile photos. You don’t need to hire a photographer to make a decent headshot. A little bit of effort will go a long way. And, with EVERY social media account, personal or professional, stay away from pics of you drinking, or in any situation, you wouldn’t want a superior to see.

3. More spamming than social. Sure, you can – and should – network on LinkedIn. But this isn’t a place for heavy promotions. Craft your writing to be organic and personable. Don’t use the default connection requests or congratulatory messages. Show you care!

4. Picking a fight. Speak the truth, but if you have a gripe with someone, perhaps not the whole truth. Negative comments are the bane of social media marketers’ existence, but in reality, it makes the writer look like a bit of a bully.

5. Hashtags. Now, hashtags are a BIG gray area for LinkedIn. At the time of this article’s posting, the long-banished hashtags have begun their return to the platform. However, they are only in the app. Soon enough, the Microsoft-owned social media platform will most definitely welcome hashtag functionality back to the desktop version. Then, go hashtag crazy. Until then, be wary of this tool.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest internet networking event. It’s not another Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, and it shouldn’t be treated like that. LinkedIn has become a huge opportunity for marketers and business owners to connect to right people. Be sure to do it right!

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