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How to Stick With Your Social Media Goals

How to Stick With Your Social Media Goals

Now that you’re determined to keep up with your social media goals, how do you actually do that? Deciding to stick with social media is a great first step, but it doesn’t necessarily position you to meet your goals.

That’s why I’m going to explain how, exactly, you can make sure that you’re reaching your social media goals. With these tips, you’ll be able to work toward your social media goals and track your progress along the way!

Identify a Specific Goal
The best way to stick with your goals is see how you’re progressing toward them. Sure, it’s frustrating that you aren’t raking in the dough yet, but you can keep your motivation high by seeing how you’re advancing toward that goal!

You may have more than one social media goal, so be sure to take them one at a time. Additionally, you want to be specific. “I want to make more money” isn’t a social media goal, but “I want more people to visit my business’ product pages” is. Below, I’ll list the most common social media goals and how you can track them!

Goal 1: Generate New Leads
If you’re looking to get people started down your sales funnel, then this is the goal you should be pursuing. But how do you track your success?

Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking lead generation. Once you’ve set your goal (say, 100 leads through Facebook), you can set up pixels that track users going from your social media to your website. Some alternative methods to track are how many people gave personal information via social media (e.g. by signing up for your emails), clicked on your lead-generating posts, or downloaded content from social media that required them to give you personal information.

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Goal 2: Drive Website Traffic
Looking for more clicks to your site? Then you want to track web traffic from social media.

Once again, Google Analytics is a great tool here. By displaying how many clicks you’re getting from social media to your website, it tells you a few things. First, the base number of how many people you’re attracting from social media, which can give you valuable insight into how your content mix is working.

Beyond that, you can also see what percentage of your overall web traffic comes from social media. So if you wanted a lot more traffic than you’re getting, but social media is still accounting for 80% of your clicks, then you know that your social media efforts are on the right track!

You’ll also be able to track bounce rates, meaning you’ll know if someone clicked then immediately left or actually spent time on your site!

Goal 3: Grow Revenue
The one that everyone cares about: revenue! If you’ve got a shorter sales process, you can directly track how much social media is contributing to your sales.

Using Google Analytics you can track how much revenue comes from each of your social media sales, both by dollar amount and number of sales. This way, your sales from social media aren’t being confused with overall sales, and it’s much easier to see how social media is directly impacting your bottom line. This ensures that if you notice more sales than usual, you’ll be able to directly track how social media played a role in that number!

Give Them Time
Just because your week-old social media campaign hasn’t paid back in dividends doesn’t mean that social media isn’t worth your time; just be patient. You can look into changing practices as you go, but I find that most people just need to let the campaign play itself out. Track your goals and you’ll find that it’s much easier to stick with them when you know that progress is being made!

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