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GoTV Episode 9

GoTV Episode 9

Thanks for coming back for this week’s Go!TV recap! This week we’re focusing on Instagram and giving you all the information you need to market on this visual platform!


How to Create Instagram Advertisements
Instagram’s ads work within a targeted system. What does that mean? Well, your ads will be sent to a specific demographic that you specify. This saves a lot of wasted time and effort marketing to people who would never want your product! This guide shares how to optimize your Instagram ads across posts, stories, and all other forms of visual communication!

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Video Marketing on Instagram
Whether you’re creating branding, product, or tutorial videos, you absolutely have to know what you’re doing to get anywhere on Instagram. Instagram has a lot of users and other marketers flooding it with content, which means your video has to stand out if it’s going to help you reach your marketing goals. Check out this guide and see how you can create different types of Instagram videos that your audience will love!


Thanks so much for stopping by this week’s Go!TV recap! The Instagram market is as lucrative as it is saturated with ads and marketers, so it’s important that you know how to stand out. If you want to learn more about social media marketing, come visit our podcast and blog!

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