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A 5-Step Recipe To Awesome Instagram Videos

A 5-Step Recipe To Awesome Instagram Videos

At one point, Instagram only allowed tiny 15-second videos. Granted, it was still almost triple what Vine allowed, but it was still ridiculously short. Now, we have up to a full minute of time allotted to create a powerful and original message. What are you going to do with all that extra time?

A minute sounds like a blink of an eye, but when you keep in mind the attention span of the average internet user, it’s more than enough time. In fact, if you can manage to get your word out in a shorter period, go for it! These five steps are helpful ways to utilize the medium of Instagram video.

1. Create your “film studio.” What resources are available for your business’s marketing? Do you have actors, props, or eye-catching locations? Perhaps you can only transform static images into a slideshow or animation via third-party software? Even if you only have a few pictures, it’s up to your marketing team to turn it into gold.

2. Subject. What will your video be about? As you may have seen, instructional videos, “how-to’s,” and DIY guides fare particularly well on Instagram. Keep in mind that there is a certain culture on Instagram. Try to keep things young, energetic, positive, and informative whenever possible.

3. Text. Whether your video is founded on video footage or a compilation of still images, text has become increasingly popular. Did you know that over 80% of social media users watch videos on mute? Incorporating text is an effective way to make your message is delivered.

4. Creativity. Even though videos can be compelling and engaging, people have the ability to skip over them easily. Make sure yours stands above the rest! Find creative and enticing ways to create fantastic imagery and your marketing will benefit.

5. Engagement strategies.
After the credits roll and the lights go up, you want your audience to stay inside the world your video has set up. Insert a link in the caption section so users can move forward. Also, at the end of your video, you should have a call to action. Ask viewers to comment, like, share, etc. You will be surprised how effective call to actions are.

Instagram is all about visuals. The most popular medium of this content has unanimously become videos. Don’t go another day without incorporating this popular content into your social media marketing strategy!

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