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Change Is Good: Why You Need To Tweak Target Audiences On Facebook

Change Is Good: Why You Need To Tweak Target Audiences On Facebook

Picture this — you own a bakery in Raleigh, NC. You decide to promote your budding brand online through social media marketing with an emphasis on Facebook advertising. But here’s the issue, once you log into your Business Manager, you see a plethora of options ranging from target demographics to specific zip codes to much, much more.

How do you know you are targeting the right people? For some, this leads to a mistake that can waste an entire advertising budget. If you’ve chosen wrongly, your advertisements may be reaching the people that would never bother to enter your bakery and become a loyal customer.

When is it time to consider a change in advertising audience? Here are three scenarios we have seen occur from time to time:

– You received a large number of engagements and conversions with your advertising at first, but showed a significant decrease in the next batch.

– Customers are complaining they are seeing your ads too much.

– You’re getting inquiries for areas your business does not serve.

All of these have happened to real businesses thanks to poor advertising targeting. Unfortunately, you can’t get those hundreds or even thousands of dollars back just because you chose to target the wrong audience members. However, you can move forward and adjust your scope.

Do yourself a favor and step away from your business for a moment and look at your customer base with fresh eyes. You may be interacting with these people on a weekly or even daily basis, but you might not have really looked at who they are. Don’t forget, these are real people with real wants, needs, and lives.

Your goal is to boil down your ideal customer by looking at the categories your customers fit into.

You should ask yourself the following questions:

– What age range does my brand appeal to? Does your business cater to a younger demographic? Or perhaps an older group of people? Maybe you sell products aimed at children, but you should really be marketing to their parents. Or maybe you manage a senior living community, whose audience is not the potential residents, but rather their families, who are in the 35-55 age range.

– What location does my ideal customer live in? Are you trying to appeal to someone in a specific city, like you would if you ran a bakery in Raleigh? Or do you need to compile a list of zip codes to tackle a whole region, like say the Philadelphia / New Jersey region. Regardless, location is an important factor. You may need to adjust your settings so that you don’t over-saturate your market as well, which would actually do damage to your brand.

– What is the income of your ideal customer? We once had a client that owned a luxury home renovation business. They would do amazing work on homes that were worth at least $650K+. Yet before they came to us, they tried to advertise on their own and failed to specify income. Needless to say, they had a lot of calls, but they were dead leads as none of the people that received the ad could afford their services. We were able to narrow their reach and bring them real results.

These are just a few reasons why you need to make sure your social media advertising is on-point. You need to be sure those that see your ads would actually utilize your business.

Here at The Go! Agency, we fine tune our advertising strategy on a daily basis to ensure our clients hit their target! 

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