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The Challenge of Hitting Your Target Audience on Social Media

The Challenge of Hitting Your Target Audience on Social Media

Sometimes online marketing can be like matchmaking. In order for it to work, you have to know who exactly you’re looking for. Ask yourself, “Who wants my product?”, “Who needs my product?”, and last but not least, “Who’s life will be better if they buy my product?”

When I ask new clients these questions, I get a variety of answers. Every now and again someone will say “Adults” or “Men” or, my personal least favorite “Anyone with money.” You need to be accurate with marketing, especially when you’re trying to tackle social media.

We’ve helped companies of all shapes and sizes hit their target audience on social media. Some of them were nearly there while others had a lot of room for improvement. But either way, everyone was able to benefit from social media. How do we help them hit the bullseye? We ask them the following questions:
1. WHERE does your ideal customer live? The answer to this goes hand in hand with your company’s reach. Do you focus on a local market? Maybe “local” to you means the entire east coast. Whether you’re trying to sell to a global market or your neighbors down the road, this detail will change the way you market.

2. HOW old is your ideal customer? Are you trying to sell to Millennials or Baby Boomers? Grandparents or college kids? Specificity is a major component key to success. Even if you think your business is perfect for all ages, the best brands realize that they cater to a particular age bracket and shape their marketing accordingly.

3. WHAT do your customers do for a living? Does your business reach out to a certain profession or industry? This is especially true for B2B companies with specific clientele. You should also figure out what your customers’ income is. Do you offer a premium service that has a larger price tag or do you offer quality for a wallet-friendly price?

4. WHICH social media platforms do your customers use? All brands should establish themselves on Facebook, but it can’t stop there. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat all have major benefits that brands can utilize. You may find that your particular audience uses Instagram or Twitter more than Facebook, or vice versa. This question incorporates all the answers from above. Younger people tend to use Instagram and Snapchat while professionals use LinkedIn more often, etc. It all depends on YOUR brand and situation.

Social media marketing strategies are like fingerprints, not a single one is the same. As you can imagine, each answer you give to these questions alters your approach. It’s up to you to break down your brand and analyze its parts. Then, put it back together as a lean, mean, marketing machine!
Isn’t it time your brand has better online visibility? Contact us today! We’ve helped hundreds of brands achieve better recognition and new customers.

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