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You Published A Blog! Now What?


We are here at the end of our blogging for business series and you should be ready to post some great content on your new blog! After you hit that publish button, thousands of fans are guaranteed to visit your site in just hours, right? Not so true. While SEO is an important tool in […]

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Avoid These 3 Blogging Mistakes


When you begin your blogging adventure, you will find that like all forms of writing, it takes time to master. Do not give up! If you find yourself with a small audience (or none at all) there may be some room for improvement. Like social media, it will not happen overnight. Be patient with yourself, […]

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Why Your Business Needs a Blog


A blog, or weblog, has been an internet staple for quite some time, preceding our beloved social media platforms by decades. The medium has withstood the test of time and continues to help countless internet users get their word out. Blogs are a bit like chess, easy to learn and hard to master. Well, consider […]

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