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Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

A blog, or weblog, has been an internet staple for quite some time, preceding our beloved social media platforms by decades. The medium has withstood the test of time and continues to help countless internet users get their word out. Blogs are a bit like chess, easy to learn and hard to master. Well, consider us the Bobby Fischer of the blog world and get ready for our series about blogging for business.

So, first of all, what is a blog? Most of us have heard of the concept, but clarification can always be helpful. Basically, it is a website that presents articles in a reverse order of publication, so the newest posts are always the first pieces of content visitors see. Look at it as a journal on steroids, if you will. Yet a blog can go far beyond recording someone’s thoughts. It can be a priceless tool for businesses that want to reap the rewards of an online presence. It is a great addition to a website and can be a helpful resource for updates once you have a few posts published. Now, you might be thinking that since you aren’t a journalist, how could this kind of tool be useful?

Essentially, blogging is a wonderful way to keep contemporary information on your website and a way to bring attention to your brand. No matter what your industry is, you will be able to write articles about some aspect of your work. We have seen auto shops, self-storage businesses, and even dentists benefit from blogs. Even if you think your work is boring, trust us, there is an audience for it. Many of your fellow professionals scan the internet for articles relevant to their field and with a little help from your website of choice, your articles will be popping up on search engines all over the world.

Essentially, blogs allow business owners to voice their opinion and stance on certain issues or practices. Nothing new happening in your field? No problem! You can spotlight a certain element of your work every post.

We would recommend posting a blog article at least every few weeks. You want to keep it relevant and consistently updated. More is better on this side of the internet. Blogging is a lot like social media in the sense that you don’t want your site to gather dust.  

Look out for the next few segments on our series about business blogging!

How does your company utilize blogging? Comment below!

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