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Does Your Business Use Evergreen Content On Social Media?

Does Your Business Use Evergreen Content On Social Media?

Why do we like the news? Because we have a need to stay informed about what’s happening in the world. Why do we like books? Because we like timeless information and narration. This alone shows that you need content that is both time-sensitive and “evergreen” for your social media marketing. Does your company’s page have that balance?

Content that will never expire, or evergreen content, is crucial for high engagement rates and legitimacy to your brand. We’re not just talking about stone-cold facts from textbooks (although those would definitely count as evergreen content). This type of content simply needs to stand the test of time. A mission statement, code of ethics, tried and true details about your industry, promotional materials, etc.

Companies also need news and time-sensitive material so your brand comes off as informed, involved, and influenced by the events that are happening TODAY. Of course, you don’t need your company to be a mirror image of a news channel. You can also add timely things like holidays, trends, and pop culture.

Now, why would a business’ social media page need both? Because that’s how the internet works. It’s a constant flow of fleeting and forever content. We see it every day without even realizing it. Trending items deliver a powerful boost to your social media marketing, while evergreen content is your core. Without one or the other, your content strategy will be incomplete.

At The Go! Agency, we take extra efforts to strike just the right balance of these two categories of content. Our clients deserve to have every reward social media has to offer, and it’s the marketer’s duty to accomplish that.

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