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5 Ways You’re Failing To Communicate With Customers On Social Media

5 Ways You’re Failing To Communicate With Customers On Social Media

Does it seem like you’re speaking a different language than your customers? You actually might be! Now, I’m not saying you accidentally wrote your Facebook updates in Japanese, but perhaps you’re not speaking the way your customers like or understand.
Social media, in a nutshell, is about two things – communication and community. Yes, I know, sales may be your top priority, but social media takes a different route. As such, you’re going to need to know your customers and how they talk, or rather, how they expect you to talk. Here is why your writing may be your social media downfall:

1. Tone. Social media is the same as any other form of marketing in the respect that your company needs consistency. The language you use should be of the same tone as everything you do. Are you a business that gives off fun vibes, like a beverage or fashion line? Then keep it fun! Are you a divorce lawyer? Then maybe you should stick to a more professional feel. Either way, the right tone is essential to powerful and unique messages.

2. Technicalities. Some industries require customers to understand the nitty-gritty mechanics of the product. Others are better off simply explaining the benefits of the product. After all, a cleaning supply company probably won’t disclose all the science behind their products. On the other hand, a computer company may explain the type of processor or monitor screen resolution.

3. Content. Social media marketers need to study what kind of content their audience responds to the most. Whether it’s promotional posts, news articles, or even memes, it’s up to YOU to make sure there is engagement!

4. Timing. Each platform has a different “prime time” for posting. Some scheduling times are more effective than others. However, your audience is also an important factor. Your demographic should shape when your content is sent out. Some people check the internet on Tuesdays at 10:00am, others at Friday at 9:00pm. Study your followers!

5. Living in a bubble. Ignoring trends, holidays, current events, and the like is a bad path to take. You do not want to isolate your brand and role out the same content over and over. Your customers want a brand that can relate.

Who is your ideal customer? The answer to that defining question should determine how you talk, what you talk about, and when you say it. It’s imperative that you pinpoint your ideal demographic and the people you want to sell to. Otherwise, you might as well be speaking a different language!

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