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7 Key Tips To Make A Memorable Social Media Marketing Campaign

7 Key Tips To Make A Memorable Social Media Marketing Campaign


4.7 billion people use social media around the globe. With that many people browsing and posting, the question at the core of every digital marketer’s job is this:

How do you stand out from that large of a crowd?

I’ll tell you this—despite the plethora of content that’s being uploaded every single minute, you have the potential to hit it big and be memorable. That being said, you’re going to have to work for it. Here are some important tips to enhance your social media presence:

  1. Strive for uniqueness. Even if you’re one out of two million retail shops online, you need to make sure there’s something special about your business and brand. Logos, tone, culture, and overall approach will make a world of difference. Highlight the things that make your business unique in your marketing strategy.
  2. Build anticipation. Do you have big news to announce? Even if it’s just a big sale, build up some hype by explaining that there will be something big and exciting coming soon. People will keep a much closer eye on your social media accounts as they wait for your announcement. However, there’s one major caveat: make sure the news is worth the anticipation. Otherwise, you risk making your audience feel cheated.
  3. Focus on quality. People notice the difference between high-effort, high-quality work, and something that you just threw together. True effort, strategizing, and a touch of talent will go a long way. Take your time and fine-tune your content. Remember, once it’s out on the internet, it’s out!
  4. Add personality. No one likes to follow a boring page on social media. Add some pizzazz to your content! Whether you add humor, seriousness, or witty comments, make sure your brand speaks in one consistent, recognizable voice.
  5. Use every tool at your disposal. Make use of your social media tool belt. Whether you’re taking advantage of the hashtag system, publishing tools, social media advertising, or third-party apps, there are tons of tools available to you to help you gain an advantage!
  6. Highlight sales appeal. Think back to Marketing 101. At the end of the day, your end goal is typically to get someone to buy something. So always ensure your efforts put your product or service in the best possible light, and make sure you create a message that’s compelling to your audience. You can do this through copy, images, placement, or even a hefty deal they can’t walk away from.
  7. Make it eye-catching. You should be striving for eye-catching material. Note that pictures, videos (both live and recorded), GIFs, and other forms of imagery are essential to success. It doesn’t matter how great your copy is if everyone just scrolls right past it.

The rise of social media has made marketers’ jobs easier in some ways, but more difficult in others. Having such large platforms openly available means it’s easy to talk to people who might have never found you before—not to mention how revolutionary social media’s targeting tools are. However, due to the sheer scale and frequency of social media, we need to constantly be on our A-games to even keep up. But follow these seven tips, and you’ll be on the path to social media success!

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