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Why Bloggers Need Facebook Instant Articles

Why Bloggers Need Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook is starting to resemble an all-inclusive resort- they do not like guests leaving their walls. Native content is becoming more preferred lately, and Facebook is providing new ways of keeping content inside Facebook.

We originally saw this with videos. Video streams now continuously play videos that were uploaded to Facebook, allowing users to enjoy a steady flow of content. Yet this takes attention away from YouTube links and could bring engagement down. Now, Facebook has made a new tool called Instant Articles that are specially crafted for your writing. Check out how Facebook’s next invention will help bloggers:

  • According to Facebook itself, readers of Instant Articles are 70% less likely to close the article before finishing. There are 20% more Instant Articles read on average as opposed to a link to a blog. Additionally, they are 10x faster to upload than being taken out of Facebook to open a new website. This is because you have actually uploaded it to Facebook itself, and there is nothing else to load!
  • These special types of articles are also interactive. You can add videos and pictures and they can perform in unique ways. Essentially, you are making a new version of the article that is optimized for a mobile device, which will deliver some added benefits.
  • Facebook also states that Instant Articles are more likely to be shared than traditional posts.

As you can see, there are some perks to creating an Instant Article version of your blog. It is still your content, but it will now live on Facebook and your readers will appreciate it when reading on the go.

What are your thoughts on Instant Articles? Comment below!

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