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What Should Be At the Top of Your To-Do List? Reinforcing Your Team

What Should Be At the Top of Your To-Do List? Reinforcing Your Team

If you are a business owner who has owned a company for many years, you might say that you have a strong team of individuals who do exceptional work. I would say the same thing about my team here at The Go! Agency. They take care of everything from managing social media accounts, copywriting, graphic design, and more. But, when you have a great team, it’s important to remember that not everything has to be at a constant. 

You have to think: How can I make my team BETTER?

While the talent is already there, you need to make sure that you continuously have a solid group of people and that your employees are improving in everything they do. And this can all be done with some help from a few benefits. Here are just some that we have implemented here at The Go! Agency, but you can do the same thing for the employees of your business: 

Enhance their skills with training. 

Training is great for both individual team members and your team as a whole. Whether it’s simple YouTube videos or full-on courses within platforms like HubSpot or Udemy, this allows your employees to get a better understanding of a complex subject, or learn more about something they’re already interested in. 

To make this simple, have your employees choose the training they would like to do, and then encourage them to complete at least 30 minutes of this every day. If there is a certain training course that you would like them to take at the same time (and that you think would benefit each employee), suggest it to see what they think. 

And remember: Not every kind of training has to be online. A unique training experience we have done here at The Go! Agency is read the book High Performance Habits by author Brendon Burchard. All of us read chapters of the book on our own time, and then we would get together every week to discuss what we learned and how we could apply those high performance tips to our own roles. 

It not only helped each of us learn more about ourselves, but it also helped us learn about each other, which helped to strengthen our abilities. 

Provide them with a flexible schedule.  

Something that we have recently put in motion here at our agency is flexible work schedules for each of our employees. Our employees are usually on a 9 to 5 working schedule, however, since the pandemic and the increased hours of working from home, it was brought to my attention that working a set schedule every day from home might have been hampering productivity levels. 

To counter that, a more flexible schedule for each employee was put into place, which they choose themselves. Some start their day earlier, some are able to take longer lunches, and some work longer hours throughout the week so that Friday can be a lighter load for them. It has helped all of them get into a better groove of things. 

To help strengthen your team, I suggest doing the same thing. If your employees do not feel productive due to a schedule that doesn’t suit them, then they will not be as productive.  

Get creative with meetings. 

Pre-COVID, my team and I would always go out to a local brewery to have our monthly meetings. It was a fun way to spend time with each other and discuss which goals we reached for the month and what was coming up in the next month. 

While we can’t do this now, we still have our monthly meetings, just through Zoom. When having meetings with your employees, make things fun and interactive through video conferencing; always ask if they need anything, and always be open to answer their questions. 

When it comes to brainstorming meetings, make sure that everyone is heard. Part of having a strong team means that employees can share their ideas and are able to discuss their thoughts with fellow team members. Encourage everyone to say something, or even explain their thoughts further through screen sharing. It is important that everyone feels included in the conversation.

A strong team = a great team. 

It is crucial that you show each and every employee that you are willing to help them learn and grow, whether they have a larger role full-time, or they are helping out part-time. As discussed above, there are so many different ways to strengthen your team; just make sure that their needs are being met so that they can always produce great quality work. 

If you’ve struggled to put together a strong team to execute your sales and marketing strategy, consider partnering with an agency like The Go! Agency. We’re often considered the “marketing department down the hall” for many of our clients.

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