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5 Twitter Secrets Your Marketing Strategy Needs

5 Twitter Secrets Your Marketing Strategy Needs

Many businesses have been using Twitter for marketing purposes for quite a few years now. Over 310 million people log into the microblogging platform, and as we have seen, no platform keeps people notified with second by second updates like this one.

While many businesses use Twitter, some marketers may be surprised that there are some lesser-known features that they aren’t taking advantage of. Like every platform, Twitter has some “hidden” tools that could benefit your strategy. Check out these top secrets:

1. Advanced Search. Twitter is all about connecting with a larger community. While you want people to follow your brand, you should reach out yourself. Twitter’s advanced search is a handy tool that helps you hone in on accounts from a particular geographical area, tweets containing VERY precise phrasing, or even positive or negative messages.

2. Lists. What’s a Twitter list? It’s, well, a list of Twitter users. Seems simple, right? People use lists to categorize their favorite accounts into recognizable categories like “My Favorite Stores,” or “News Sources.” How could a business benefit from this? They could understand how people view their brand by knowing which lists they are a part of. On your profile page, click “Lists,” then “Member Of.” You will be able to see where people placed you. You can also subscribe to other people’s lists so you can have a new resource of possible leads, news sources, competitors, etc.

3. Stickers. Following Snapchat, Twitter now allows you to add fun graphics to your pictures. Sure, this will add some fun, but it will also help you appeal to your audience if you use these correctly.

4. Character-free images. Speaking of pictures, did you know you can upload up to four images per tweet? That’s pretty good considering visuals no longer count against your character count. The fact that you can upload this many pictures, and incorporate text into these files, allows you can practically tweet a whole book.

5. A full Tweet archive. Twitter can provide you with a full list of every piece of activity your company’s Twitter account has ever done. Your life in Tweets! Whether you’re trying to study which Tweets worked and which didn’t, or you are seeking to strike up some inspiration from your previous works, an archive can prove invaluable.

From lists to archives, your Twitter account is just waiting for you to take advantage of these excellent features!

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