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TikTok Marketing Made Easy With These Content Marketing Tips

TikTok Marketing Made Easy With These Content Marketing Tips

TikTok continues to grow in engagement, advertising, and usage, even with the setbacks we have seen with government officials trying to ban the app in the United States.

It continues to be a growing platform with commerce being a major focus in 2024. The app has proven to be a powerhouse for monetizing content, growing a business, building a side hustle, or spreading awareness.

The great thing about TikTok is that even if some of your videos don’t go viral, you can still build a strong following and presence as a brand.

Let’s look at a few ways you can see fast results with this successful content marketing strategy.

Prioritize Compelling Hooks and Calls to Action

Even if your video is full of value, the audience won’t know or bother to find out if your hook doesn’t draw them in. Hooks are the first impression of every video. If it isn’t compelling, they will scroll on by.

Here are a few examples of scroll-stopping hooks:

  • Unpopular opinion
  • If you have…, start doing this!
  • This is what happened when I tried …… for a week/month!
  • This is why you’re not …..

Once you nail down the right hook for your video, always end with a call-to-action of some sort. You will want to mix it up from a sales action or an engagement action.

Here are a few examples of calls to action:

  • Sign up and save!
  • Stitch this with your point of view!
  • Give us a try
  • Send this to a friend who needs it

On TikTok, It’s Okay to Broaden Your Horizons

Pushing your content out to a wider audience will help you not only boost your video performance but also cast a wider net to broaden your audience on the platform.

Once you nail down the videos that perform the best and the demographics of those who engage with your content, then you can begin to target smaller more qualified audiences.

Produce High-Quality Videos

This is the easiest strategy: create high-quality, full-size videos. This makes your videos look more aesthetically appealing to the viewer. When you go to record a video, make sure it will fit the frame size of 9:16.

Users tend to engage with content that fits naturally into the feed and gives a cinematic feel.

Have a Variety of Formats Available

Your audience wants to see a variety. Some users may be in the right mood to watch a ten-minute video about your product, while others only have the attention span for a quick one-minute video.

Keep them on their toes and provide a variety of formats to your audience. You also want to provide them with not only product videos but also engaging content that gets them laughing, smiling, or shaking their heads.


While you implement this strategy, remember the key to building a strong presence on any platform is consistency and authenticity. Don’t bend your values to accommodate the latest trend; find what works for your brand and stick to it. A true customer will appreciate your brand’s unique approach.

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