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The Worst Way To Write Social Media

The Worst Way To Write Social Media

There are tons of articles out there about how to write a good social media post. But what makes a terrible post? We all know them when we see them, but sometimes we just can’t put our finger on what’s wrong. Whether they look to be a scam or spam, it’s easy to spot a lack of quality.

Some of this cyber garbage seems so ridiculous that no one would fall for it. Well, sure enough, there is someone out there that is really proud of that content and is waiting for the engagement to come flooding in. Is your content sabotaging your brand due to poor quality?

There are two facets to a social media post and both of them can be done wrong.

First, wording and phrasing. Copywriters try their hardest to sound as organic and professional as possible. By being overly enthusiastic, making wild promises and claims, and showing fantastic results without evidence are the top ways. That being said, even an overabundance of exclamation points could ruin an update. You need a copywriter with subtlety. Think about your own experiences with junk mail and advertisements. What immediately turned you away? Whatever it was, you should veer away from that as well.

Secondly, imagery. Please, for the sake of the internet, stay away from corny pictures. There’s already so much out there. If there is an overabundance of text on static pictures, they look overly promotional. On a side note, text-heavy photos will not be allowed to be used for Facebook advertising so steer clear. You should also be sure your images or videos are high-quality. If your visuals are blurry, pixilated, and distorted, people will not take you seriously.

Creating junk is easier than you think. Social media marketing is about quality. Perfect your content strategy, make it look legit, organic, and engaging, and the followers will come!Contact us today to learn how we can create you an effective social media strategy!

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