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The Reason for the Season? Last Minute Tips to Boost Your Facebook Success During the Holidays

The Reason for the Season?  Last Minute Tips to Boost Your Facebook Success During the Holidays

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that the holiday season marketing machine is in full swing.  Come on, let’s think about it: Christmas trees have been available in stores since September!

While mega brands are dumping most of their advertising and marketing dollars into selling you the latest must-have gadget, toy, foodstuff, or service – smaller brands and companies think, “ It’s too late now, we missed the boat!”

If that sounds like you, snap out of it!

When it comes to your Facebook marketing, you are NOT too late to throw your hat into the holiday marketing ring.  But….you do need to act fast!

Here are some quick ideas that you can apply to your Facebook strategy that will help you to enhance your holiday marketshare:

1.  Create a Seasonal Offer: Whether it is a special discount, special package, or a limited time product offer – you need something that is going to pique your audience’s interest in relationship to the season taking place around them.  Ensure that your offer is not only attractive enough to your target audience, but that you have created enough urgency around it to force your consumers’ hand to decide and act.

2.  Facebook Advertising: One of the best ways to bring more attention to your range of products and services on Facebook is to advertise.  There are many options available on the Facebook Advertising platform that you can use to drive traffic to your site, help people claim your special offer, build awareness, boost posts, and much more.  With a minimal budget set to run up to Christmas, you will be able to maximize your exposure to your target audience. Play with your budget and timings and remember to track your results!
3.  Seasonal Branding: A big mis-step that companies who are looking to do a focused holiday campaign make is  not adding seasonal branding to their Facebook Cover Image.  Within reason and within the confines of your own branding, add seasonal imagery, show your special offer or package, and give deadline specific information. Be creative!

4.  Themed Posts: Make sure your content strategy supports your discount…and make it fun!  Run contests, post quizzes, and get your audience interested in engaging.  The more engaged your audience is with your content, the more that your Facebook Page content will be served up to them in the future.  If no one is engaging – odds are that no one is seeing your content at all.

5.  Use Video: Don’t ignore the fact that videos are among the most viewed content on Facebook.  You need to create your own video, upload it to Facebook, and enjoy the exposure!  When it comes to exposure, video can add over 65% more engagement.

When it comes to Facebook, coming a little late to the holiday marketing game is not a problem.  Just make sure that you use the 5 tips above, track your effectiveness and make changes as needed.  You will need consistency and a close analytical eye to truly reap the most benefits during the holiday season.  Seasons greetings everyone!  Hope this holiday season is a winner for you and your business!

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