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The Content Marketing Trends You Need to Add to Your Strategy Before the End of the Year

The Content Marketing Trends You Need to Add to Your Strategy Before the End of the Year

We are not quite halfway through the year, and we have already seen some major shifts in the digital marketing space. So, here are some content marketing trends you don’t want to forget about in your 2024 strategy.

Social Media as a Search Engine

Social media platforms are becoming more than just networking spaces – they’re becoming the place society turns to for answers. Yep, social media has started replacing the search engine.

It used to be that we got our news from broadcasting channels, newspapers, or Google. Now, social media has become the place many turn to for current events, personal issues, and advice.

Why is this? Because people want to stay informed.

So, as a marketer or a brand, you want to stay on top of this new shift in social media.

Create content that answers common questions or provides valuable information, catering to users who use social media for research and information gathering.

Embrace the Demand for Video Content

The demand for video content shows no signs of slowing down. Even with the threat of TikTok going away, we still have Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, and YouTube Shorts. Plus, some smart cookie will see TikTok’s potential ban as an opportunity to build their form of TikTok for the U.S.

So, needless to say, video marketing isn’t going anywhere. If you haven’t started focusing on video marketing or you think it isn’t right for your brand, think again.

It’s not all about funny dances, jokes, or filters. Short-form videos can be insightful, educational, and compelling.

It’s all about who your audience is. Once you decide what will appeal to them, start building your video calendar.

Employee Ambassadorship for Brands

You’ve heard of influencer marketing, but have you heard of employee ambassadors?

Your employees know your brand best, so it makes sense for them to be your biggest advocates as well. This can be done on their own channels (if their following is good) or on your company’s social media.

Have them try out products for themselves and rate them. Ask them what product they wouldn’t leave the house without, or get their opinion on their favorite flavors.

This is an easy way to create user-generated content for your brand and humanize it. Showing a positive and fun work atmosphere is a great way to attract more consumers and build trust.

Only People Can Make Good Content

While AI is a great tool for productivity in content creation, the fact is that good and authentic content marketing lies within human connection.

The emotions created in the content can only be generated through real people with real experiences, not computers. Authenticity cannot be replicated by AI alone.

The winning formula will mix human touch with AI-powered ideas.

While AI can assist in content ideation, distribution, and repurposing, it should complement rather than replace the human element.

Incorporating these trends into Q3 and Q4 will be beneficial if you want to see success in your marketing before the end of the year.

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