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GoTV Episode 7

102618 GoTV Episode 7

Thanks for stopping by Go!TV! Ready to get caught up on this week’s biggest news across social media? Let’s get started!


New Facebook Image Sizes Promise New Problems
You carefully curated the perfect image for your article but, oops, sorry, the image is going to look pretty strange once your content is shared on Facebook. Facebook’s new test is resizing preview images, specifically making them appear smaller. It’s a pain for marketers, but experts have speculated that this may make it easier to integrate Facebook and Instagram feeds in the future. For now, all marketers can do is see how Facebook’s audience responds to the test.

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Facebook Groups Offer New Engagement Opportunities
Last week, we reported that Facebook is letting businesses create and join groups. But how does that actually help you as a marketer? Well, it gives you another avenue for engaging your customers. Groups can be great places to start conversations and run marketing tests. Additionally, groups allow your brand to develop a community centered around your business. When someone feels a personal attachment to your business, they’re going to be a lifelong customer.

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And that concludes this week’s recap of Go!TV. Big changes are happening around Facebook, so stay in the know and come back next week! If you enjoyed this episode, check out our podcast and blog for even more social media marketing news!

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