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The Dying Art Of Facebook Organic Reach


At the risk of sounding old – back in the day, Facebook was a very different place for marketers. Posts had a better chance of reaching the right people organically without boosts. Sure, advertising was still around, but it wasn’t the life force of the platform. Now, it seems like selecting the right avenue in the Ads Manager is almost as important as writing the content itself.

Advertising has become an essential element to Facebook marketing. At the center of this issue is updated algorithms. As you might have noticed, what appears in your timeline is what Facebook thinks you want to see the most, not necessarily what is most recent. Yes, the option of changing the feed results is available, but not many people know or bother with it. The pages you visit the most, the people you converse with often, and topics you like alter your results. This can be good and bad for consumers, but it’s a challenge for marketers, especially those who are just starting out with Facebook.

While advertising’s grasp is hard to escape, marketers can ensure that their content is willing to do some heavy lifting. Appealing visuals, popular hashtags, and interesting news articles can help fight back. In the end, though, Facebook’s infrastructure leaves little choice to marketers. Even if it’s only a few dollars, companies will have to to pay something.

There is a good side to this. Once you decide that advertising is necessary, your page will benefit. It’s not a scam. Your marketing team will be happy with what Facebook does for your content. Once Mark Zuckerberg’s people have a bit of dough, they will take care of you. Not only will your numbers be what organic reach used to be able to do, but you will also have a unique advantage. We see advertising’s growth for various reasons, yet the most significant is that the platforms understand that businesses are thriving due to their social media efforts. With literally billions of people watching, it’s easy to make an impact. For it to keep being easy, they need a little bit of payment.

What do you think of Facebook advertising? Comment below!

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Why Facebook’s Ad Preferences Works In Marketers’ Favor


An advertisement has to be really well made and relevant for the average social media user to pay attention to it. If it looks like spam or is pushing a product we have absolutely no interest in, we ignore it like the plague. Facebook knows this and is giving more power to the consumer by introducing ad preferences. However, this isn’t doomsday for social media marketers. Instead, it’s actually good news.

In Facebook’s announcement, they explained that the new ad preferences feature allows its 1.6 billion users to narrow down the type of ads they receive. With just a few clicks (or taps for mobile users), users can weed through some annoying subjects and narrow down their interests and hobbies. Imagine that, ads you actually enjoy!

At the first sight of this news, marketers may begin to sweat bullets. They gave  consumers the ability to control the ads? What kind of chaos is this? Yet in truth, this will help deliver the right message to the right person. When companies create a Facebook ad, they already have the ability to specifically pick and choose who gets to see the ad. From a marketer’s standpoint, there are plenty of options so the right person sees your message. Ad preferences will allow that scope to be even narrower, which only leaves the people who would buy your product or service to see it. There’s no point in wasting time, some people just won’t be interested. You might be thinking that a smaller scope is a bad thing. While your reach will be narrower, the possibility of someone actually clicking on the ad will be greater. It’s about quality leads over quantity.

Because of this further filtering, Facebook has another treat. Ad Blocks no longer work on Facebook’s desktop version. Since users have the option to see content they enjoy, there isn’t an excuse anymore to not see ads. Once again, social media marketers should be cheering.

Facebook has never denied that they need advertising to live. It’s what makes their employees happy and their websites free. Without ads, there would be trouble on the horizon for marketer and consumers alike. No one wants a Facebook monthly fee. Because of that, ads will always be a necessary element to all social media platforms. Now, the required experience of advertising seems to be a little less painful.

What do you think of ad preferences? Comment below!


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