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LinkedIn Results: What Your Home Health Agency or Assisted Living Facility Can Expect!


If you have been following our blog or our related daily national radio show (The Social Marketing Academy), you know that I am an absolutely MASSIVE proponent of the powers of marketing your company on LinkedIn.  This vibrant and highly active professional social networking hub can offer so many positive outcomes to your business that sometimes it can be surprising.

When it comes to home health agencies and assisted living facilities, LinkedIn is one of the tools that is not always the first choice when you turn to online promotion.  Many individuals in these industries believe that by simply creating a sparse LinkedIn Professional Profile, they are checking off “LinkedIn Marketing” from their to-do list.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

There are many activities that make up a vibrant and successful LinkedIn marketing strategy which home health and assisted living facilities are missing.  But why?

It truly does come down to lack of resources: especially time.  Of course time is always at a premium, and LinkedIn is one of the longer games when it comes to building visibility and credibility.  Also, the time that you need to spend on the site on a consistent basis can be daunting to an overworked marketing manager.  Speaking of lack of resources, this can also relate to the lack of knowledge that a home health agency or assisted living facility has of how LinkedIn works.  Who has extra time to learn an entirely new marketing tool?

Whether you don’t have the time or still need to pick up the skills, here is why you need to listen up when it comes to the power of LinkedIn marketing for your home health or assisted living company.  Below are some of the results that you can expect from a LinkedIn marketing campaign:

  • Visibility: you will gain visibility to members of your target market by joining groups where you could have hundreds of thousands of eyeballs to your every move.
  • Credibility: your activity and marketing strategy will build your credibility and position you as an expert/leader in your field.
  • Website Traffic: you can build valuable traffic from LinkedIn to your website, blog or landing pages.
  • Referrals: you can connect and network with referral sources in real time to enhance the reach of your business.
  • Connect with the Elusive: having trouble connecting with leads via email – try LinkedIn and see how your rate of response changes.
  • Event and Service Promotion: promote your events and/or services to the masses as often as you please (including email blasts).
  • Public Relations Opportunities: the more consistent your activity is, the more you will asked to post guest blogs, speak at conferences and have media appointments.
  • Testimonials: you can solicit and collect useful testimonials that you can then use in your marketing collateral.
  • Branding: you can brand your company fully via LinkedIn Company Pages and showcase your services through Showcase Pages.
  • Hiring: looking to expand your staff or need to replace a member of staff?  LinkedIn will help you reach some of the most savvy prospects in your area.

And this is just scratching the surface.  All of the above results are within your grasp as long as you have a cohesive and strategic social media marketing campaign by your side.  This is something that my team at The Go! Agency specializes in, and we have years of experience executing these campaigns for members of the healthcare industry – and in particular home health and assisted living.

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