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How Small Business Owners Excel At Social Media

How Small Business Owners Excel At Social Media

The life of a small business owner is tough. Whether you’re trying to create a business empire from scratch or just trying to maintain the day-to-day, being in charge of a company is no joke. Who has time to bother with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? As tough as it can be to fit social media into a packed schedule, it’s essential for any business to grow. Social media marketing has the strength to bring even a small local shop increased online visibility. How do you start? Check out these steps:

1. Invest in update management software. A busy business owner can’t be bothered with spending several hours crafting content, posting, sharing, and liking. You will need help! A variety of programs will be able to help you master social media marketing. Whether it’s Hootsuite, Buffer, or Onlypult, the right software will help.

2. Engaging content. You need social media marketing, but you need GOOD social media marketing. The right content will attract customers to your page. The wrong content will repel them.

3. Moderate promotions. Small businesses can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms for many different reasons, but you want to make sure to promote specials, happy hours, sales, and events, etc. That being said, you should add other content into the mix. Don’t make your social media marketing presence solely about sales!

4. Promote in real life. Make sure people know about your online presence when they visit your store. Whether your run a restaurant, retail shop, or another small business, have those “Follow Us!” signs up and offer exclusives found nowhere else than Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Today’s small businesses have an advantage. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help strengthen your online presence, professional status, and customer relations.

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