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6 Pinterest Mistakes To Avoid

6 Pinterest Mistakes To Avoid
Pinterest is an unsung hero of social media. While many people know about it, not all take it very seriously. When you first visit the site, you may understand why. It’s very sleek, colorful, and a little chaotic. It doesn’t resemble Facebook or Twitter in the slightest. Still, Pinterest has a whole lot of potential, and marketers are doing their brands a disservice by not checking it out.

Where does someone begin on Pinterest? The best way to learn how to navigate to this hip platform is to understand what NOT to do. Here are the top mistakes Pinterest professionals should avoid:- Underestimating Pinterest. There is a stereotype that says Pinterest is only for DIY projects, recipes, and makeup tutorials. While that stuff does have a place, Pinterest is as diverse as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Give it a try for yourself. Look up any topic. There will be a wide variety of content just waiting for you to consume.

Over-promoting. Pinterest is a place for interesting content. Yes, there is room for advertising, even at a premium level, but not every pin you post should be some form of promotion. It’s a good way to fall off the face of the board. Instead, integrate a motley mix of eye-catching and interesting content.

Over- sharing. Okay, so since you can’t put only promotions, you will have to post interesting content in some form. The immediate social media “go to” answer might be to share someone else’s pins. Sure, you can like, share, and save a good amount of content, but you need to make your own! Whether it’s a link to a blog, a stunning info graph, or a cool collage, you need to get creative on this platform more than most.

Ugly Pictures. If you thought making visually appealing content for Facebook was a challenge, then Pinterest will be brutal. This platform thrives on images that pop and can pull viewers in with just a glance. Vertical imagery is key to stand out. This is why info graphs are so effective on this site – they allow you to display a large amount of data, through attractive imagery.

– Sparse boards. Pinterest is all about boards, which are collections of posts that share relevant subjects. Nothing looks worse on Pinterest than empty or incomplete boards. Be sure to add to these collections often and ensure they are about popular, searchable subjects.

Isolating your Pinterest. No social media account should be an island. Cross-promote your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Invite your followers to check out all the fun your Pinterest has to offer. It’s a great way to start your journey on this platform with a little bit of backup.

Pinterest opens many opportunities for engagement, brand awareness, and your company’s online presence. Did you know that The Go! Agency team has extensive experience with Pinterest? We work with brands every day to make their Pinterest accounts pop off the page and raise brand awareness as much as possible.

Contact us today to see how we can help you on this busy and fun site!

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