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Can You Market on Pinterest?

Can You Market on Pinterest?

Here’s the one bit of advice to remember if you want to be a successful digital marketer: look at everything as a resource.

Someone who says “X social media site isn’t good for marketing” is a rookie and you should only look at any of their marketing advice with a healthy dose of suspicion.

Every platform has its uses, which is why today’s topic is: Pinterest.

As a digital marketer, be like Batman. He has a utility belt stacked with gadgets that he uses if and when he needs them. His grappling hook and batarangs get pulled out quite frequently, but his bat shark repellent (a real thing!), not so much. And while that last one sounds absolutely ridiculous, there have, in fact, been instances where he was lucky to have it on hand.

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Pinterest is a unique tool. It won’t have applications for every campaign, but you need to know how to use it for the opportunities that come along where it’s the right tool for the job.

Adding Pinterest to Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you need proof that it can be used for social marketing campaigns, let’s look at some recent headlines.

In June, Pinterest and IKEA partnered up to create a “Renocations” feature, which helps users find inspiration for their next home renovation via a custom Pinterest board. Also in June they teamed up with Volkswagen to create a virtual test drive feature for the car manufacturer’s first electric model.

If you are new to Pinterest, once logging on and picking your interests, you will see that posts (or “pins”) are arranged in a different way. It’s too cool for traditional linear order! But the way it displays content isn’t the only element that is unique.

Check out these great ways to be a Pinterest pro:

First of all, Rich Pins are great ways for businesses to have an advantage over the competition. They will take some time to set up, but these posts have extended reach and your followers will be sure to view them easily and your content will be viewed.

Images are the biggest elements of your pins, literally and figuratively. As such, they should be bright, simple, and eye-catching. After all, they will be competing with many posts on the same subject, so you want your followers’ eyes to lock onto your pins as soon as possible.

Longer images work best on this social media platform thanks to its layout, but this can work in your favor, especially if you decide to add overlying text.

Speaking of the written word, you have the opportunity to add captions. You will want to take advantage of this. Pinterest isn’t the place for a long-winded block of text, but a couple hundred characters could help get your point across.

If your goal is to reach out to a local audience, you can utilize Place Pins. This will allow you to talk about a specific location and showcase imagery. This is a great way to show some hometown pride.

Lastly, keywords. When writing for Facebook and Twitter, the rule of thumb is a maximum of three hashtags per post. However, with Pinterest’s keywords, you can go crazy. The more the merrier on Pinterest! These will help you get a lot of attention on this popular website.

Pinterest is yet another avenue to tap into your customer base. It has a dedicated user base and you should research how you can take advantage of its unique infrastructure.

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Here’s a fact to make the decision a little easier: 87% of Pinterest users have bought a product because they saw it on the platform.

Mic drop. We await your call.

Editor’s Note: This blog has been updated and republished to reflect current information. The article was cleaned up, recommendations were reassessed, and references refreshed.

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